There are many reasons for infertility. It will take a number of tests to decide the causes of male infertility. In some of the cases, the actual cause is never identified. That’s why, the infertility specialists in Hyderabad present in the Motherhood fertility centre, the renowned IUI fertility clinic find out the cause of male infertility by doing male factor infertility diagnosis. Now, the centre is becoming the leading male infertility treatment centre in Hyderabad.

The male factor infertility diagnosis involves:
Common physical examination and medical history: this test includes examining the organs and has the knowledge about any inherited conditions, illness, chronic health problems, surgeries or injuries that could impact the fertility.
Semen analysis: the samples of semen can be obtained in different ways. You can collect a sample by masturbating and ejaculating in a special container. Some men prefer to collect semen by using a special condom during intercourse.
Then the semen is sent to the lab to measure the sperm count and find out the abnormalities with respect to the shape (morphology) and movement (mobility) of the sperm. The infertility specialists check the semen for signs of problems or any infections.
Often the counts of sperm fluctuate from one specimen to the other. In most of the cases, many semen analysis tests are done for a period of time to find the exact result.
Before doing the treatment of male factor infertility, the infertility specialists recommend some additional tests to identify the cause of male infertility. These include:
Scrotal ultrasound: in this infertility test, high-frequency sound waves are used to produce images inside the body. A scrotal ultrasound can help the infertility specialist to see if there is a varicocele or other problems in the testicles and supporting structures.
Hormone testing: the hormones, which are produced by the pituitary gland, testicles and hypothalamus play a major role in sexual development and production of sperm. Any defect in other hormonal or organ systems might contribute to infertility. A blood test also can be done to measure the testosterone level and other hormones.
Post-ejaculation urinalysis: the sperms present in the urine can indicate the sperms are traveling backward into the bladder in place of out your penis at the time of ejaculation.
Genetic tests: when the concentration of the sperm is very low, there must be a genetic cause. A blood test can be done to know whether there are any changes in the Y chromosome, the symptoms of genetic abnormality. The infertility specialist in hyderabad may be telling you to do genetic testing to diagnose different congenital or inherited syndromes.
Testicular biopsy: this biopsy test includes removing samples from the testicles having a needle. If the results of the testicular biopsy signify that the production of sperm is normal or not. The problem is caused by a small blockage or any other problem with sperm transport.
Specialized sperm function tests: several tests can be done to check how well the sperm will survive after ejaculation, how well the sperm can penetrate an egg and whether there is any problem attaching to the egg.
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