Managing time like your grabbing it by the throat tends to do miraculous things to your focus and productivity! This is especially important for anyone who works online since the level of their work productivity will determine their profitability! For any entrepreneur it usually comes down to developing and maintaining a very time efficient work schedule to achieve maximum results!

Let's look at how you can plan your day in a way that will help maximize your focus and boost your work productivity in a very time efficient manner!

Set Your Objectives

Of course you must be realistic with your expectations but don't be afraid to challenge yourself either! Remember what we're talking about here is creating objectives we intend to complete in a time efficient manner and not simply a casual 'to do' list! You must be serious about and committed to any goals and objectives you set if you want this strategy to work effectively!

Establish a Time Frame

Now this must be realistic in terms of your capabilities and the availability you'll have to complete these objectives! These are the boundaries you're setting for yourself and they must be kept or excuses will creep in which leads to procrastination and then a complete shambles of your entire plan! Where things get really interesting here is to place time limits on each objective and once again be realistic but NOT casual! If you give yourself an hour to complete something that should only take 15 minutes your planning will be wasted. You want to challenge yourself and by doing so you will increase your focus to get the job done!

Ready, Set, and Focus

Here's where you put the pedal to the metal and race the clock as you methodically and successfully complete each goal you've set for yourself! In many ways it turns into a game or internal competition as to whether you can achieve what you set out to do! The one thing here is that you were already realistic when planning your schedule! Therefore if you fail, you must face yourself as an incompetent, lazy and a childish dunce for lacking the discipline to maintain your focus! You ready to face that 'reality' or to prove you're an over achiever and not a lazy unmotivated dreamer?

Working online calls for managing time in an aggressive fashion since there's much to do and typically nobody to help you! Our discussion above examines how your can maximize your focus and thereby increase work productivity in a time efficient fashion with a little planning! The key to this approach however is that your goals are challenging yet realistic and that you stick strictly to the time frame you established. By doing so your focus will intensify as will your work productivity!

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TJ Philpott is an author and Internet entrepreneur based out of North Carolina.
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