The Early stage of a kid is the best age to mould them as per our aspirations because this is the actual age when their mind is ready to accept anything and everything. It is important to grow the child in a right environment in order to inculcate values. Parents should also take care of every small things like their kids is having right friends or not, they are watching right program, whether they are staying in a right locality. All these phases have a direct or indirect effect on the kid’s activities and behavior.

Children always try to copy parents so when the parents always show good gesture the child tends to be like that. It is easy to encourage etiquettes and good habits when a kid is at its young stage. There are many easy ethics that can be established in our kids if we put into practice the basic rules. For example, we can have set of rules to be pursued by the kid like saying "please", "Thank you", talking politely and smiling often when it is necessary. Preparing a kid for a positive performance is not a simple task but it is true that everyone is worried about character growth of the children.

Praising is also an important factor in fostering positive behavior in child. There are many incident when child show good behavior, that time it’s really important for the parents to appreciate and make them feel special. Let them realize that good behavior leads to appreciation and positive feedback. One more important thing a parent should show which trust on the child and they should not always suspect their child as it might cause the child to rebel or display opposite behavior.

It is the major duty of the parents to make the kid physically, psychologically, emotionally and religiously strong and active. Their responsibility begins with openhanded about love and fondness, communicating with them, teaching them life skills, and etiquettes in society. It is also required to teach them politeness, good behavior and other basic good ethics to live in society, and this should starts in their early age before the child initiate mixing with the society.

Table etiquette and manners is also important to teach a child like they should not open their mouth too much while eating, creating faces if they do not like something or putting the elbow on the table. Moreover, we need to teach our children neither spit out foods which they don’t like nor make grumbling noises. Teaching table manners also consists of the utilization of ‘please’ when they take care that they don’t use any kind of offensive language.

They should always train not to argue with elder people especially their father and mother and not to frown as well. The child should always teach to greet their elder when they enter the room and always bid goodbye when you leave a room. Parents must teach a kid to talk in a low tone so that it should appear as soothing to others. The child should always be dressed in a neat and clean dress.

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