The size of a cellar tells a lot of things. You must know that the cellar size depends on several factors after which one has to finalise it for home wine cellar construction. Are you aware of your need to begin the construction work? You may or may not know its answer. This is where this guide has come to your rescue. 

Here you will get to know how to identify how many bottles your cellar can store and how you can decide the right size. You will also find out a lot of things related to constructing a dream wine storage unit right at your place. Let’s start it now- 

How Much Space Do You Need to Store Wines? 

The very first thing would be identifying the space requirement to store your collection. For this thing, you need to know how much collection you aim to store at home. Suppose you prefer keeping bottles from 50 to 100, a small-sized unit is convenient. This can be built by transforming the space under your stairs. A kitchen cabinet can also be used for the same. 

Once you get to know the space required for keeping your collection, you can confidently plan to work on your project. So, determine the number of bottles that you plan to store at home. 

How Big Should Be a Home Cellar? 

According to experts, there is no need for a large-sized unit when the aim is to maintain a home collection. It is good to have at most 250 bottles in stock to enjoy drinks with family and friends during events. Suppose you plan to keep 500 bottles, you need to think about your budget. As the size of a storage unit can increase or decrease the total expenses, you have to be careful. 

As a responsible person, you must work on a project within your budget. If you aim to build a cellar that could store up to 250 bottles, ask for a quote from experts. Get the cost estimation and identify whether you are able to invest the same. Based on your budget, you may plan to work on a small-sized unit to ensure that you can keep up to 100 bottles or beyond. 

How Many Bottles Would You Like to Purchase Each Year? 

Having a cellar is not enough to maintain the collection but you have to order wines. You need to identify your investment so that you can determine the size of a cellar for your home. As you need to start enjoying what you want, you can’t invest a huge amount from the beginning. It is crucial to think about this tactfully and identify how much you can invest in wines each year. 

Did you know? Many people prefer adding new bottles to their collections with time. You may think the same way after having a dedicated wine room. So, identify what you would like to store at home before you begin the construction work and plan to order the drinks. 

Final Thoughts 

Hopefully, this guide provides you with the necessary information related to wine storage. Once you are mentally prepared to work on a wine cellar construction project, reach a professional builder to consult and get ready to build it as you dream of. Don’t hesitate to share your ideas and customise the design to work on a bespoke cellar construction. In this way, you can impress your guests and visitors further. 

Although you can find several designs online for cellar construction work, choosing the right one can be difficult. Discussing your project with a professional can solve your queries and help you decide it without delay. So, choose the right builder to construct the dream cellar. 

Author's Bio: 

The author is a skilled builder of home wine cellar construction. He knows how to create a storage unit safe and effective for residential as well as commercial purposes. He sometimes shares his viewpoints on wine storage in his interesting blog posts.