The short answer is that there are 78 cards in a standard tarot deck, however the quantity of cards in a tarot deck may shift contingent upon the architect and distributor. The deck is typically part into two sections, in particular the Major and Minor Arcanas. Arcana implies riddle or mystery and every one of the tarot Arcanas give understanding into the Major or Minor secrets of your life.

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The Major Arcana

There are 22 Major Arcana tarot cards in a deck. They are numbered from 0-21 and tell the story of The Fool, a young fellow wandering out into the world. On his undertakings he faces all inclusive life occasions, those sorts of circumstances we as a whole end up in. That is the reason these are known as the Major Arcana. They are significant life exercises we as a whole need to learn. In a tarot perusing comprising of for the most part or just Major Arcana cards the querent will be educated regarding all the real life occasions they are at present encountering or drawing in. These are viewed as significant long haul impacts that can offer arrangements or open doors for development.

While the measure of Major Arcana cards in a tarot deck my be not many, they are viewed as the most significant cards in the deck. A few people considerably want to do readings with just the 22 Major Arcana cards as they convey a more noteworthy importance than different cards that are in a tarot deck.

The Cards

0 – The Fool XI – Justice

I – The Magician XII – The Hanged Man

II – The High Priestess XIII – Death

III – The Empress XIV – Temperance

IV – The Emperor XV – The Devil

V – The Hierophant XVI – The Tower

VI – The Lovers XVII – The Star

VII – The Chariot XVIII – The Moon

VIII – Strength XIX – The Sun

IX – The Hermit XX – Judgment

X – Wheel of Fortune XXI – The World

The cards in the Major Arcana pursue a severe request in all tarot decks, albeit some tarot decks are expanding the quantity of Major Arcana cards to incorporate progressively real impacts. After some time some life occasions have turned out to be increasingly significant and subsequently some vibe it important to add more tarot cards to the deck. These are normally added to the Major Arcana.

The Minor Arcana

Then again the Minor Arcana demonstrates regular occasions or circumstances that you can be associated with. There are 56 Minor Arcana cards in a tarot deck. They are part into four suits, much like an ordinary deck of playing a game of cards, yet each suit has 10 number cards (Ace-10) and 4 face cards (Page, Knight, Queen and King). In a tarot deck each suit speaks to an alternate circle of life:


The suit of wands is related with the flame component and relates to imagination and the capacity to make new things.


The suit of swords is related with the component of air and relates to activity and conduct; how an individual reacts to circumstances or what is keeping them down.


The suit of cups is related with the water component and relates to feelings and emotions encompassing circumstances.


The suit of pentacles is related with the earth component and relates to the material parts of life, particularly funds.

While every one of the 78 tarot cards have their very own extraordinary significance, the cards of the Minor Arcana are regularly observed as less significant than Major Arcana cards. This is on the grounds that they relate to regular issues that just have a transient impact and can change after some time.

In the Minor Arcana, the cards with a similar number frequently convey a comparative message, yet each message relates to the deck they are found in. Each suit advances from the flash of rousing vitality, symbolized by the Ace, through every one of the preliminaries and triumphs related with that suit to the last dominance of that circle of life, symbolized by the King.

In this way, in a tarot deck there are 78 cards that each speak to an alternate part of life and all in all the enormous number of tarot cards in a deck takes into consideration the perusing to cover all the significant parts of life. They give you understanding into the puzzles and insider facts that are working at an intuitive dimension to impact your ordinary encounters. That is the reason there are such a large number of cards in a tarot deck.

Once in a while people discover this is as yet insufficient and they choose to include more cards. In the event that you have a tarot card deck with in excess of 78 cards the implications of the additional cards ought to be clarified by the distributer.

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