Through many years of experience and learning I have found there are different types and levels of friendships and relationships. I want to discuss this in my article and see if anyone agrees. I have been around for many years and have learnt so much about people and especially about myself. I think my opinion counts and find it is usually a good and accurate one.

There are so many different levels of friendship types that can develop over time. Start thinking of family and you will find that though you may be initially "the parent" gradually as your children get older, if you are fortunate like me, then when they grow up or become parents themselves your relationship does completely change.

I have 5 adult children and have found that even though I am the mum we have developed a different level of connection and have become great friends. I have two daughters and so happy that they have become my best friends now. We can talk about anything especially parenting skills as what I hear from them now is "I never got it when you used to say, wait till you are a mum, but now I do?" I find this amusing because I was the same when I had children. I was living with my grandmother when I was in my teens and now find myself making a comment then thinking I am turning into her and yes I am a grandmother so I guess that is ok for me.

I also have three sons and although not always as close to them I do feel we have a tight bond mainly because we really don't have an extended family so we stay very closely connected. I spent lots of time in the kitchen with my children over the years. We spent hours making all sorts of cakes and donuts or when they were learning how to make some of my recipes. It got quite messy to be honest but I found that my Waste King Waste disposal unit really helped with the mess. I could turn the tap and unit on then just put all the egg shells and the rest of the food waste down the drain and quite easily get the kitchen in order. Now my grandchildren come over to do the same things and love it when the disposer is turned on. I found it at as well as a lot of information about landfill and what happens to our food waste. It is certainly worth a read.

I have three of what I would call best friends in the whole world. There is no competition for my time or affection with them as I have three completely different types of commitment to them. One friend lives very close to me and so I visit in the evenings quite a bit, another I see once a week and the third I may not see or speak to every week but we are close. Their grown up children still call me Aunty and are very respectful to me. I will also mention each friend is at least ten years younger than I am but these three have been in my life over twenty five years. We can discuss anything, believe me we do, and all of us know nothing said will be repeated at all to anyone which is something I personally value.

Another type of friendship is the type that it doesn't matter if I don't see or speak to you for five years I am still your friend. I have quite a few of this type and I am as happy to have them as I hope they are to have me. It may be a call out of the blue but it is great to know that if I need someone to help me it doesn't matter how long it has been they will be there. All in all I value all of my friends whether they are old or new, constant or not to me they are all special in their own way.

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I am now the author of over 250 articles and love voicing my opinions or product knowledge I have gained and feel I do have a lot to offer so I hope you enjoyed reading this article.