A kink is a type of sexual desire that some people have. It can be anything from wanting to be spanked with a riding crop to wanting to wear latex panties. It's different than a fetish because where kinks are about specific things you like, fetishes are more about how you want to feel. For example, someone might say they want an S&M scene but not necessarily enjoy leather or whips specifically.

What is a kink?
A kink is a sexual preference that some people have, but it's more than just sex.
Kinks can be physical or psychological, and they can be part of your identity, your sexual orientation or both. They're not necessarily considered "normal" by society -- in fact, many people are ashamed of their kinks and try to hide them from others -- but they're still valid forms of expression if you feel attached to them!
There are lots of different types of kinks out there: bondage (tying someone up), domination/submission (dominant person forces submissive person into doing things), objectification (being treated as an object) and more! You might also consider yourself lucky if someone wants to do something new with you; maybe even try a threesome?

What is a fetish?

A fetish is a strong sexual attraction to an object or body part. A foot fetishist might be turned on by feet and want to touch them, smell them, or even lick them. A hand fetishist might feel this way about hands--perhaps he enjoys watching someone else stroke his own hand while he masturbates.

A fetish can also be an object like shoes or underwear; it could even be a particular act such as spanking. The key element of any fetish is that it's something you find sexually arousing; if you don't have any particular desire towards the subject matter of your kink then it's not really considered a kink by most people (although some people do still use "fetish" as an umbrella term).

Why do people have kinks and fetishes?

Some kinks and fetishes are related to our biology. For example, some people enjoy being spanked because it reminds them of the feeling of being swatted as a child. Other people enjoy tickling because they associate it with playfulness in their youth.

Some kinks and fetishes are related to our environment--the things we see every day or hear about on TV or in movies can influence our desires (for example: if your favorite movie has lots of threesomes, you might develop a fetish for threesomes).

Some kinks and fetishes are related to experiences: maybe someone was molested at an early age by an older relative who touched their genitals while they were sleeping; this could lead them later on down life's path towards having sexual encounters involving sleeping partners who touch each other's genitals while unconscious! Another example would be if someone grew up watching movie featuring fisting scenes; then later as an adult finds themselves attracted specifically toward those kinds of acts themselves...

There are many different kinds of kinks and fetishes.
There are many different kinds of kinks and fetishes. Kinks can be as simple as a preference for a certain type of clothing or as complex as a whole lifestyle, and they're not always sexual. A fetish is often associated with an object or an act that one person finds sexually exciting--for example, someone may have a foot fetish and enjoy seeing feet or touching them, fetster will meet your kink dating fantasy; another person might have an underwear fetish and enjoy wearing underwear in front of others; still another person might enjoy dressing up like an animal (like furry).
The point here is that kinks aren't always sexual in nature; but when they are...


There are many different kinds of kinks and fetishes. Kinks are sexual preferences that people have, while fetishes are objects or situations that cause a person to become sexually aroused. Some people have one or two kinks or fetishes, while others have many more than that!

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