Many a times you find people coming to you with easy ways to make money. With the growing population and inflation, many people are finding it difficult to cope with just one income. Necessary items like vegetables and petrol too aren’t being shielded from this sudden rise. As a result everyone is looking for a way to make a few extra bucks. However, nothing comes free or easily. Most of these so called schemes are actually hoaxes and scams and end up looting innocent people of their hard earned money. The Questnet Complaints you can find online say the company has done exactly that.

Most of the Questnet Complaints you can find on the World Wide Web talk about how the company has looted its customers and members of lots of money by promising them quality products and handsome compensations on joining. They say the company has tricked them into believing they can earn money when they actually can’t. Some have even accused the company of using an illegal pyramid scheme to dupe people into joining the company. Just how much truth there is in these complaints we will find out now. Questnet is part of the QI Group of Companies that has been in existence for more than 75 years now. This company is well known in the industry and is known for its business values. Questnet’s founding members are all well known business men and women and have over the years gained a solid reputation in the marketing and business world. This company has been successfully running for the past 14 years and has grown to many countries world wide. They are present in over 140 countries today and have plans to expand further. Their products have earned them a loyal customer base that is growing everyday. The amezuca line of health and wellness products is registered under many health associations and ministries. The company itself is registered under the Direct Selling Association in many countries like Malaysia and Singapore. This association is known for its stringent measures and recruitment process; they only admit the best and completely ethical businesses to be part of them. Questnet has over 1.2 million independent representatives some of which work part time while the rest work full time. An illegal pyramid scheme occurs when there is no real product being sold. In the case of Questnet this isn’t true, selling their products is a major part of the job profile of the independent representative.

As you can see most of the Questnet Complaints doing the rounds are baseless. Their accusations are false and have no backing. The complaints are being made in pretense by competitors or by unsuccessful independent representatives. Direct selling is not an easy task and anyone who thinks so is highly mistaken. The same way, Questnet offers you many ways to earn money but it doesn’t promise you it will be a cakewalk. They provide you with all the information you require to make an informed decision and even offer training to help you develop you skills. However the rest is up to you, it depends on you as to how you make use of the opportunities given to you. Before you read and believe a Questnet complaint, stop and think about it from both sides, you might then have a different opinion all together.

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