The Oscars for 2012 have come and gone but there is still a lot of buzz about which faces on the red carpet had been plumped, paralyzed, sutured, lasered and peeled.

Those beautiful actresses and actors rely on their faces so it’s no wonder that finger pointing has not abated. Of course, those faces are pampered! Of course, there are sutures and pin pricks and redness and swelling that screams “face work!”

The plumped cheeked gals with their slanted, upswept, smallish eyes were rather obvious. The immobile, plasticized foreheads that did not move were easy to spot, but the outstanding faces were those with no tell tale signs of surgical altering or injected substances.

Natural looking faces, those without obvious enhancements, are so pleasing to the eyes. Whether the face belongs to Tom Cruise, Jennifer Lopez, Angelina or Brad, beautiful, handsome, natural looking faces catch our attention. Even babies are attracted to good looking people.

Walking the red carpet under the scrutiny of thousands of HD cameras, harsh lights, screaming fans, and news presenters with microphones shoved in your face puts a lot of stress on the body but particularly the face. These high profile actors want to look their absolute best with their best face forward. No sagging skin, no droopy eyelids, no double chins, no lines, no wrinkles. Pressure to excel is why the stars are easily swayed into believing that injections and surgical procedures will lengthen their face time and their career.

That brings us to this question: Just because we can, should we? Just because injections can temporarily plump and paralyze certain areas of the face, should one begin an unknown pathway of using untested toxic injections or cutting a perfectly beautiful face in the name of beauty?

This very topic of conversation was recently discussed by two retired Registered Nurses. They have witnessed first-hand how the industry of cutting, suturing and injecting affects your body and they’re shocked at what they’re seeing. The patients are becoming younger as more and more procedures are introduced.

If you begin using injections that paralyze at the tender age of 25 and use the toxic substances for the next 35 to 40 years, who knows what your face will resemble? If you add plumping injections year after year and various surgeries with lots of sutures to the mix, you may very well wear a freakish face that does not bode well for aging gracefully.

Most of us have entertained the possibility of using facial plastic surgery to stave off aging but when it comes right down to the wire, facing surgery is a daunting experience. There are many unknown facets to be explored. It doesn’t matter that you’re spending thousands of after-tax dollars on procedures that offer no guarantees, you can still have risk, infections and results that you may not have entertained.

Looking better and looking fresher, with tighter, toned and lifted features, is what most men and women desire to see when they look into their mirrors. If you’re over 35 you may experience something different and this look of aging can make you feel cranky and out of sorts, not to mention helpless. Are drugs and surgery the only recourse for a sagging face? No!

Thankfully, there are simple, easy to learn isometric exercises that will deliberately lift, tone and tighten sagging facial features. The beauty of exercise means that you will continue to look like you only better and better. Most proponents of facial exercise insist they look at least 5, 10, even 15 years younger in just 9 to 12 weeks after beginning their routine.

No risk, no pain, no sutures, no huge outlay of cash. Just facial exercise, using your thumbs and fingers as your age erasers, will help you rediscover the youthful face you thought you had lost forever.

Now think back to those gorgeous actors and actresses who walked the red carpet and looked younger than their years…are their anti-aging secrets simple facial exercise movements? It’s very possible!

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