How Math Puzzles can improve the mental health of kids

Math puzzles are a very good way to improve the mental health of kids. Nowadays most of the kids are engaged with TV, movies, and video games.
Puzzles will help them to improve:

The mental health of kids - Kids can solve mathematical puzzles to improve mental health. It will also help them in school and homework
Time With Family - Kids can spend more time with family if they play puzzles. It is a fun time for family and learning something.
Great items for Gift - For kid’s birthdays, Christmas, or any other occasion, it is a great item to gift. Kids will earn more from it instead of any video games
Motor-ability - Kids can improve motor ability using puzzles. Using puzzles like blocks, they learn to identify shapes and move objects. A must for kids 3+ years.
The child with Special needs - A puzzle is especially required if kids have special needs. Autistic kids need more attention and puzzle can help them with those needs

Top 3 Puzzles which you can find on Amazon which are great for your kids

Wooden Tetris Puzzle with a Storage Bag -
I love this board game and this is my kid’s personal favorite. You can create a pattern like the plane, human, robot, flower, etc.
It can help improve motor skills, planning, good hand and eye matching, and basic skill for kids. My kids are calm and more relaxed now.
My kids are spending more time away from screen and it is helping them to relax, good quality time with family and learn something new.

Coogam Wooden Hexagon Puzzle for Kid Adults
This is my second best personal favorite puzzle. I play it with my kid and this is good for adults too.
It is a mathematical IQ game: It has Endless possibilities for kids and adults to design blocks. You can think of new creativity and design great arts. To win, you have to fill the bottom of the puzzles.
It is made of natural brasswood and safe for kids of any age. I am so happy that kid is spending less time on tablets and TV.
It has 60+ puzzles and can be played for 3 years + old kids

Proof Mental math game -

This is the #1 best-seller game for kids in maths puzzles. You can learn multiplication, division, addition, subtraction, and square roots. You can have fun and learn together.
It perfect for my 6 years old kid but kids between 2-6 can play it well.
How to play this -
First, you have to make an equation. Then shout the result and then show proof. You are the winner!

CHILHOLYD Learning Toys Math Toy
This is an amazing gift for 5 years + old child as it is little can be easily adjusted in small hands. You have numbers and symbols which can encourage kids to read divide, subtraction, Addition, and multiply.
It has all numbers from 0-9. It is also a must puzzle for homeschool and schools.
It can be also used on a magnetic board like fridges or whiteboards.
As it is non-toxic, it can be used by small kids.

Conclusion -
Puzzles should be used by all parents to improve the mental health and motor skills of the parent. The family will get their own time together with puzzles without any screen time.

I personally find it very useful for my kid and he likes and learns a lot of mathematical equations. The best gift choice for any kids or adults. I highly recommend math puzzles for kids

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