Medical marijuana Card Sarasota
Since 19th-century marijuana had been used as a botanical medicine. After the tenth amendment in the US constitution medical use of marijuana was legalized. Cannabinoids from cannabis products are therapeutic and work with our brain, kidney and immunity system. Medical marijuana is allowed however it’s banned for any recreational use. The legalization of medical marijuana card Sarasota doesn't give permit everyone to use it. For getting marijuana's incredible therapeutic treatment once simple need to get its hands in medical marijuana card Sarasota. However, keep in mind that purchasing marijuana from a street vendor is prohibited. Marijuana should only be purchased from authorized dispensaries which have legal license to sell it.

How to get medical marijuana Sarasota:
Anyone having any of the following mental or physical condition is eligible to apply for medical marijuana card Sarasota.

• Cancer

• Chronic Pain

• Epilepsy

• Glaucoma


• Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD)

• Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS)

• Crohn’s disease

• Parkinson’s disease

• Multiple sclerosis (MS)

• Other debilitating medical conditions

This is not an exhaustive list.
Senate bill 8A states that any of the following conditions may also qualify you for marijuana treatment.

1. Terminal conditions: Any condition diagnosed by a doctor that can be improved with medical marijuana. The doctor would be any doctor other than a medical marijuana doctor.

2. Diagnosable and debilitating conditions like migraines, depression, anxiety, etc.

3. Non-malignant chronic pain ( any qualifying medical condition that persists longer than usual course.

Where is marijuana consumption banned or prohibited:
Consuming marijuana behind the wheels is strictly prohibited. However, you can transport it in vehicle

Use of marijuana under senate bill 8A is prohibited in the following areas:

• Public place

• Place of employment(unless special permission is granted)

• School or near premises of the school

• Motorboat

• State of a correctional institution

• Any public transport

• Aircraft

Who can qualify for medical marijuana?
• To get access to medical marijuana card Sarasota one must:

• Have a permanent or temporary residency

• Be diagnosed with a condition that is qualifying and can be improved by medical marijuana by a certified doctor.

Senate bill 8A states that a qualified patient is:

A resident of this state who has been added to the medical marijuana use registry by a qualified physician to receive a marijuana or marijuana delivery device for medical use and who has a qualified patient identification card.

How to prove residency to get medical marijuana card Sarasota:
• To prove the resident the patient must provide

• Driver license copy

• Identification card copy

And anyone who cannot provide the above-listed documents should provide two of the following as.

• Utility bill, not more than 2 months old

• Financial institutions or federal state mail, not more than 2 months old

• A minor is required to provide a copy of the birth certificate.

• A deed or monthly mortgage statement

• Residential proof from the person with whom you are staying.

For the temporary resident, Senate defines the term as follows:

‘any person who temporarily resides in this state for a period of at least 31 consecutive days in each calendar year, maintains a temporary residence in this state, returns to the state or jurisdiction of his or her residence at least one time during each calendar year, and is registered to vote or pays income tax in another state or jurisdiction.

Ready to get your card?
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Anyone having any of the following mental or physical condition is eligible to apply for medical marijuana card Sarasota.