My Father was stressed for his whole life. If he had only known what I know now, and the simple fast way I have learned to meditate deeply and quickly he could still be alive today.

What happen to him and what did I learn. Let me tell you. The first thing is that he was like a lot of dads, a few kids decent job, got some overtime and had a lot of things to deal with and take care of.

But man was my pops stressed. He lived in a state of stress. When he was coming up meditation wasn’t really even a word. He may have heard a little bit about it but never had any inclination to learn more about it.

Thank goodness I have. He had a few heart attacks and recovered. But ended up his life under severe stress that in many ways eventually did him in.

The meditation that I’ve been doing and which has helped save my life as far as I am concerned is what I have found to be the easiest and most effective out there.

I just push a button and am relaxed. Sound crazy? I thought so too, until I researched this method and experienced the relaxation and calm that I got from it in just ten minutes a day. What is it? It’s a type of meditation audio download called binaural beats. It has a beautiful soft music that plays and behind the music are musical beats that are played so low that you can’t actually hear them. The process of binaural beats were discovered by Dr. William Dove in Europe over a hundred years ago.

The way they work is that play a soft beat in hear ear very quietly and the beat in the right ear is to a slightly different tempo than the beat in the left ear. What happens is this combination of beats because of the way our brain is structured actually calms and relaxes us automatically.

Sounds weird I know, but I’m sure if you could just push a button and be relaxed, you would at least give it a try right? Nothing to lose and the best thing is, that there are all kinds of places to get comp binaural beats to download and you can begin to feel relaxed in the next few minutes here at

It is well proven that stress can cause heart attacks and all kinds of bad medical issues.

Today’s society, with pressures of money, time, and jobs is enough to stress out even the most even keeled of people. If you have any stress, and who doesn’t these days, take a quick half a sec and check out the link below.

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Mike Evans is a best selling author with over 20 years published writing experience. Most recently he created The Serenity System to help people create their own customized spiritual path.