“Tomorrow’s victory is today’s practice.” ~ Chris Bradford. The Way of the Warrior

Of all the things I’ve done to grow myself and evolve myself, having a daily practice has been the most significant.

For years, I’d wanted to do some sort of ‘practice’ every day, some meditation, perhaps a little spiritual reading or maybe even some physical practice such as Donna Eden’s morning energy routine for health (available on YouTube)

I would do a bit on my own, then get busy and forget about it. It seemed impossible to hold myself to a consistent practice.

Then I got to thinking about how I help the people I work with to change. One of coaching’s most powerful tools is accountability. It’s one thing to say to yourself that you’re going to do a particular task, but quite another when you involve someone else who will be asking you about it.

I decided to use this same concept for setting up and holding a daily practice! Since I knew others who also wanted to have a daily practice, I called them and asked them to be accountability partners!

We agreed that every weekday I would call them on the phone to meditate for 30 minutes. We all put our phones on speaker and one of us rings a bell to start the time and then again at the end. If one of us can’t make it, the others carry on anyway.
It’s been 2 years now and it’s really working for me.

Over the many months, I’ve seen how daily practice has changed me. Here’s what I notice:

*Instead of helping me ‘get away from it all’, my practice helps me to show up for it all. It does this by helping me become clearer and stronger about who I am, so I’m not so rocked by the world and others. I can let WAY more of life in and just BE with situations that before would have been very stressful or difficult.

*It gives me a daily reminder of a bigger picture of myself and who I am as a spiritual being. Instead of reacting like a pinball machine to things in my life, I actually feel as if I have choices.

*I feel healthier than ever. No colds or flu this year....

* Since I review my intentions every day, I am much more likely to act in congruence with them during the day after this reminder.

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My passion is to help professionals who are tired to letting their personal problems and limitations stop them from having a deeply fulfilling life.

Over my 25 years of coaching, people use me most often to: cope with stress, handle a cheating spouse or troubled relationship, learn techniques for anxiety or to control anger, become skilled at conflict resolution and learn how to listen and respond to themselves on a deep level.

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