How Meditation Helps You to Reach Spirituality?

Although distinct in their own ways, both yoga and meditation ( are becoming mainstream exercises across the world. According to CDC, US meditation has risen in prominence from 2012 to 2017, and this practice continues to become even more popular amongst people of all ages, including kids to mature adults.

In fact, many sources are now claiming that meditation and its prevalence have increased more than threefold in the US over the past five years, and many are using it to reform their lives and reduce stress.
According to a recent study ( by The Good Body, the value of the US's meditation market is expected to double and reach $2 billion by 2022.

Furthermore, over 14% of US adults have tried meditation at least once and that women are more likely to meditate than men. Moreover, it is believed that over 200-500 million people around the world meditate.

In light of this information, let's take a quick look at how meditation can help you attain spirituality.

Acceptance for Yourself & Others

In various religious doctrines, we find the essence of forgiveness, forgiving oneself, and forgiving others ( Mercy is taught as a fundamental concept in many mainstream religions, including Christianity and Islam, to name a few where one forgives the other and through this act can brew other qualities like love and friendship for others.

This can also reflect on the aspect of closure where physiologist describes it as an act of letting go of what once was while accepting previous events. In this manner, we will not only becoming more open towards accepting ourselves but others as well.

This will also help build in us the ability to go beyond imposed limitations and find different possibilities and solutions to problems that were otherwise unknown to us initially.

Release of All Grudges & Negative Emotions

Pema Chodron is an American Tibetan Buddhist. According to her book "Start Where You Are," which is an indispensable handbook catering to the cultivations of fearlessness and awakening a compassionate heart, she lists down some important factors. In her work, she relays that only through compassion for our own selves can we begin to feel compassion for others naturally.

In spirituality, one of the basic themes is to release all grudges that we have for others. The only way the heart can find purity is to let go of the pain that was felt by you previously and start looking for answers through which we can help others. The right way to go about this is to remove all bitterness and resentments that we have for others.

The 4 Nobel Truths of Buddhism

The Four Nobel Truths provide a conceptual framework for introducing and explaining Buddhist philosophy and have to be personally experienced or understood.

Dukkha – pain, stress, suffering, unhappiness, and satisfaction
Samudaya - the origin of dukkha, which is accompanied by tanha (craving for attachment or desire)
Nirodha – the ending or cessation of dukkha which can be attained through renouncing tanha
Magga – the path that leads one to the ending of dukkha and renouncement of tanha
One can end this cycle by attaining nirvana, and the Four Truths are recognized as Buddha's first teachings. In short, four noble truths showcase the awakening and liberation of Buddha himself. They allow us to comprehend in our lives what real happiness is and how one's suffering can be ended.

Thus a person who attains nirvana is able to break away from the cycle of suffering by overcoming three poisons, namely: Avidya or Moha (ignorance and delusion), Dvesha (aversion and hate), and raga (greed and sensuality).

The Eightfold Path

While the Four Nobel Truths serve as the basic concept behind Buddhism, the Nobel Eightfold Path offers you the practices that lead to liberation from suffering. These practices are:

The Right View: the insight that death is not the end and that our actions have consequences even after death.
The Right Resolve: renouncing of sensuality, ill-will, cruelty, and then entering into an environment that aids contemplation.
The Right Speech: abstaining from backbiting, rude speech, and lying.
The Right Action or Conduct: refraining from killing, sexual misconduct, and stealing.
The Right Livelihood: A livelihood that benefits others but no selling of poisons, intoxicants, or weaponry.
The Right Effort: preventing unwholesome states, generating wholesome states, and guarding sense-doors.
The Right Mindfulness: avoiding absent-mindedness, staying conscious of one's actions, and being mindful.
The Right Samadhi: practicing the four stages of meditation and reinforcement of the seven factors of awakening or enlightenment.

The Eightfold Path is also compared to cognitive psychology, where one's mindset and perception of the world guide their patterns of thoughts, intentions, and finally, actions. In times of stress, students often acquire the expertise of assignment writers UK and take their time out to meditate and resolve inner conflicts.

Realizing the Meditative State

In order to truly unlock spirituality, one has to perform deep meditation that can then lead the person to experience a deep meditative state. There are some techniques that can help you achieve a deep meditative state.

Here are some tips to guide you:

Calm your breath and body.
10-minute yoga asanas can help you lighten the body.
Grateful thoughts can make your mind happy and help you to keep it quiet.
Intentions can also strongly help you delve into meditation
Distractions will come no matter what, but accepting them is better than fighting them.
A focal object can be used to concentrate; this will help to become more stable in your meditation.

Meditation can be a great method to attain spirituality; however, people need to realize that meditation can offer them a clear mind to think about problems and find solutions as well. Our mind, body, and soul are connected with each other, and only through consistent efforts can we achieve and unlock the true potential of meditation and spirituality.

Hence it is not a one-hit-wonder, and therefore to reap the benefits, you have to practice meditation regularly or periodically. The more you practice meditation, the better you become at it and thus raising your chances to enlighten yourself spiritually.

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