A credit score is a crucial measure to ensure good financial health. A higher score opens the door to lines of credit and can also bring down the rate of interest on loans. Getting a good credit score can be complicated as it requires navigating a maze of credit requirements. The process involves credit bureaus, collectors, debt settlement laws, and much more. This is where professional assistance is imperative to take the load off the shoulders and live a financially secure life. Fen Credit Solutions has been offering professional assistance and education to deal with debt collectors, debt settlement, and help you boost your credit score. The firm has helped hundreds of families to get their credit back on track and restore their financial lives.

Michael T. Fenwick is the founder and owner of Fen Credit Solutions. He is a native of Baltimore. He used his real-life experiences of overcoming financial struggles and restoring his credit life to start this company. The business is also driven by his passion to help people find a better life. It all started in January 2019 when he became determined to fix his credit for the financial stability of his family. Fenwick hired a professional guide and also enrolled himself in different learning programs to understand credit strategies. Soon he started getting positive results. Within a year he was able to achieve A1 credit and also landed an opportunity to start his own company.

Fen Credit Solutions was created with the sole motive to help people get their credit back on track and embrace a stress-free lifestyle. Making scheduled payments, clearing past dues, and maintaining low account balances are not always the solution to restore your credit score in the United States. This is why the company provides constant assistance on raising your credit score, debt settlement, rebuilding credit, and ways to deal with debt collectors. Several laws control creditors, collectors, and credit bureaus. People often get stuck in this credit maze struggling for years to settle debts. Fen Credit Solutions takes the responsibility to deal with any situation created by credit bureaus and collectors.

Currently, Fen Credit Solutions is growing with numerous happy clients and positive reviews. The company has already settled several credit disputes and cases to earn more than 50 awards. Fen Credit Solutions maintains round-the-clock customer service via phone and email. They even provide free credit evaluation to the client before enrolling them in any program. The flexible policies at Fen Credit Solutions allow hassle-free cancellation at any time if the client is not happy with the services. To ensure complete satisfaction to their clients, the company also has a risk-free refund policy.

After years of struggling with a bad credit score, Michael T. Fenwick finally managed to restore his financial health and is now helping many people do that same through his company. All this success did not come to him easily. During his journey, he came across several individuals and companies who made empty promises. This further complicated his finances. Michael T. Fenwick doesn’t want anyone to be bluffed by shady companies and bad advice. This is why he created Fen Credit Solutions, with his exceptional expertise and years of knowledge, Fenwick wants to help more and more families to live the lifestyle that they deserve.

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