The institution of marriage has evolved over the years. It has gone from an economic arrangement to an expression of love and commitment. In recent years, there has been a shift with Millennials marrying much later or not marrying at all. Already there has been a significant drop in the marriage rate.

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One of the reasons for the changing trends is that Millennials are facing great financial challenges with many struggling to gain a firm economic footing. The high rates of divorce are also discouraging people from getting married. There are many stories of broken marriages that it’s easy to assume that it doesn’t really work.

Millennials have not only redefined the age at which one should get married, but also what marriage means to them. One of the benefits of waiting longer is that it allows them to gain valuable experience that is needed for more successful relationships.

Here are some of the ways Millennials are redefining marriage:

1. They are questioning what marriage is as an institution

Today, it’s not uncommon to find young people who prefer lifelong cohabitation to the more binding formal marriages. For them, this arrangement is realistic and more convenient. Millennials are also figuring out what it takes to be happy in a committed relationship. They are looking internally for validation rather than trying to satisfy external interests.

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2. Openness to different engagement rings alternatives

The process of shopping for an engagement ring has changed tremendously. Millennials want special, unique pieces that define their relationships. When buying diamond rings online, they know what they want and how to make the right choice out of the available options. Many are also looking for budget-friendly options.

3. Stronger sense of identity

Millennials are not afraid to explore their own values and individual interests. This is one of the reasons they are waiting longer to marry. They have no problem waiting until they figure out their goals and values. This means that by the time they get married, they are more established adults who know who they are and what exactly they want.

4. To them, personal needs come first

Millennials are more strategic in every aspect of their lives. They want to chart their career paths first as they seek to be more empowered. They want to find partners who share the same values as them. Too many, building a strong foundation first makes them more equipped for marriage.

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5. Women have more choices

In recent years, there has been a considerable shift in women’s roles in society. Women today can pursue higher education, careers rather than opt to get married young. Gone are the days when only men played the financial support role in a marriage. More men are now embracing the emotional support role as women assert themselves in the job market.

6. Use of technology

Technology has given Millennials unprecedented access to prospective partners. Being able to view thousands of singles online gives many of them the impression that no one is irreplaceable. Having multiple sex partners has become normal.

Whether the attitudes of the Millennials towards marriage are extreme or not remains to be seen. What is for sure is that they have learned from some of the mistakes that were made by past generations. It will be interesting to see where things go from here.

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