You are repeating the same thought currents in a video recording, the visuals are always new; in an audio recording, it is always a single flow. If your mind is audio recorded, don’t ever think it will be a long material going on for hours together. It will not be more than five statements over 24 hours!

The same five statements are getting repeated in the old stupid gramophone record in different ways of getting stuck. That is all that is your inner audio recording.

If you think that you will have multiple things, you are wrong. You do not know you. You think that the more restless you are, the more thought currents you have. No!

When you are more restless, it only means that you are stuck in the same thought number of times, not in more thought currents. You are not having more thought currents; you are repeating the same thought number of times.

Wherever you are stuck is Karma Any thought current or thought pattern in which you are stuck is Karma. Any thought current or thought pattern which makes you feel stuck, suffocating, or caught, is Karma.

Apply this definition in any zone of your life or in any dimension of your life. In the field of health, any idea you have, or any thought current or thought pattern you have, which is not bringing you health, is Karma.

In the field of wealth, any thought pattern or thought current you have, which is not bringing you wealth, or what you want to cause as your reality in your life, is Karma.

Whether it is in the field of your relationships, your wants, your needs, your contentment, your completion - whatever may be your field, the thought current or thought pattern in which you are stuck is Karma.

It may be a beautiful, profound, logically convincing theory, which you read in a great spiritual book or heard from a great spiritual teacher, but anything which is not liberating you, anything in which you are stuck, is Karma.

You might have heard about it, you might have been thinking about it, you might have been analyzing it, you might have read it, or you might have been internalizing it, but if it is not letting you cause your reality, it is Karma.

For example, you may have read tons of books on medicine, but if you are not healed of a disease, the thought pattern or the thought current you built with your knowledge is only Karma.

There may be tons of life solutions for every situation you know, like completion with yourself, completion with others, authenticity, integrity, responsibility, enriching, and listening - but if it has not started happening in your life, it is only Karma for you.

It means that still somewhere your logic has not opened up. You might have heard all of those concepts and enjoyed them logically, but if you are still stuck with some thought pattern which again and again brings you back to the same state if you have not caused your reality, all these are just Karma for you.

So Karma is not just one part of you; it is the whole net on which you are bound.

Author's Bio: 

Sri Tulasi is a professional astrologer, life coach and member of the Indian Astrologers Council.