Technology has transformed the landscape of all the industries, so it has opened the gates for travel and tourism industry too. As per the recent survey, from “eMarketer,” it has shown that the travel based mobile apps are the seventh most downloaded app category and almost about 60% of smartphones users regularly use travel apps while planning trips. Gone are the days’ when travelers used to rely on travel agents for making travel arrangements. With the help of mobile application development people now prefer to make their travel arrangement by their own. Thus, mobile apps not only improved the travel experience of any users but, have also benefited tourism-based companies in a big way. There is no surprise that travel industry is growing as each passing day with the help of technological transformation.
Below are the given reasons to have mobile app for the travel industry:
Manage Bookings
One of the prime reason, due to which travelers are attracting towards a mobile application is that' now they can easily make all their booking by sitting at their home. So, with the help of mobile app’, they can easily pick their favorite destination, book their tickets, make the reservation in hotels with just a few clicks. Besides, they can even add additional features in their app to make it more interesting like weather updates features and local places of interest, which can help them to know about the place of their interest and the weather condition in a much better way.
Client-Centric Platform
The competition in the product development company and travel industry has increased, with an increased number of smartphones users. Today, billions of apps available in the app store where you can download any application as per your need. However, there are various other factors which can influence the user's mind to select and download the app such as discount which they are offering in the booking app.
Reduces Paperwork
Mobile app has made all the process simpler' by reducing all kind of paperwork, soft copies of travel brochures, invoices, receipts, tickets, and all hotel booking papers and so on. So, with the advent of IOS and Android app development, you don’t need to carry your original documents while traveling. This is the significant advantage of mobile apps' as you don’t need to take the entire document and other necessary paper with yourself whenever you travel.
Travel apps contain extensive data about every detail of your trip from start to the end. Therefore, you need not carry a separate guidebook or maps as the app helps you to connect with GPS to let you know the directions’ you feel that you didn’t miss the way. Even apart from location tracking, user can also store a lot of details in the app like plans on the trip or some essential dates to visit certain places, etc. It also helps you to provide the list of discounts near you based on your locations.
Direct Channel of Communication
Mobile apps are a direct means of communication' between users and the company. So, with the help of user history, the company can easily understand the user better, analyzes interest and send notifications accordingly. These apps also help the company' to stay connected with the user, even after the trip by sending notifications because frequency sending notification can help the user to know about the different places and if he/she interested then they can use the app to travel to those place. Therefore, the company can also take the suggestions from the user's to maintain friendly contact with them for knowing the drawbacks and work more on the features which would help them to meet the user’s requirement.
Real Pictures
With the help of these user-centered apps, you can easily get the real images or videos of the desired places before visiting the place. Therefore, this will let you know, how the place will look- like and assist you in making arrangements and planning for the trip. Thus, these apps not only provide a few images or videos but they also help to make your experience better.
So, for wrapping up, technology transforms the landscape of all industries where the travel industry is no exception which has a high potential for monetization and revenue generation. Therefore, leverage the expertise of an experienced mobile app development company to make the most of this opportunity.

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