Nowadays, smartphone devices are not only restricted for communicating, but they are also helping for giving a never-ending array of services as well as advantages to the users. So, the ecommerce industry driving a huge benefit from these devices and all the credit goes to the mobile apps as these smart applications also complement ecommerce stores. Their growth also goes hand in hand because of their connection and growth potential, which they made an offer to each other. Mobile commerce has already acquired massive popularity in the past few years, and that are the main reasons why most of the sellers now started investing in mobile application development.

In olden days, people who wanted to shop using smartphone used to depend upon websites which they used for accessing their mobile bowers, but gradually as smartphone increased in the market their preference also titled into their favor because of the ease, speed and security which they offer. Besides, these mobile apps also come up with amazing features which can add for winning advantage to the ecommerce portals. So, let’s have a look at below-given advantage mobile apps to ecommerce platform:

Give higher visibility
Today, the exact meaning of ecommerce website development has become broader, where it also covers the mobile app along with the traditional website stores. So, the main reason is that all these mobile apps started serving the purpose of giving higher visibility for reaching the business where the large smartphones potential user base enlarges the potential range for targeting audience for an online store, so this translates into an increase in traffic as well as for reaching the broader audience. So, it is appropriate to say that the mobile apps started serving the powerful branding tool for business to improve the level of recognition.

Improving shopping experience
These days’ mobile apps also assist users for shopping and along with that making it a pleasurable experience for the user. At the same time, they also come up with the smarter, faster, and safer payment mechanism due to the seamless integration of digital wallet. In addition, sellers can also invest in futuristic concepts like augmented reality app development for taking the shopping experience to one-step higher. Therefore, it helps users for building stronger connections with the brand where this leads to the improvement in sales as well as customer retention over time.

Geo-targeted offer for a user friendly experience
In this tech-driven era, the concept of iBeacon application development has given numerous opportunities for online merchants those who want to build a stronger customer relationship. As this mobile app development used for innovative location-based technologies for giving relevant offers as well as products based on a geographical location of the shoppers. Therefore, this helps in gaining a higher level of customer satisfaction for building a long term relationship for businesses.

Personalized promotions using push notifications
Another considerable advantage which you are getting from the ecommerce portal with a mobile application is that it helps for enabling the business with few customization techniques of push notifications. As this push notifications help in sending the right message to the right customer and at the right time. So, in return this also helps in conversion as well as for creating an intelligent marketing strategy.

Increasing conversion rates
The blend of user experience, simple navigation a well as the ease for using website always leads to the higher conversion rates. As per the recent market survey by Criteo, mobile apps always help for increasing the percentage of the potential users those who complete the desired activity as compared to mobile websites and desktop. As a result, ecommerce application conversion rates are three times higher than the mobile websites and one and a half than for desktop sites. Moreover, those who are accessing the ecommerce store by using a mobile app are more likely to see 4.6 times the same number of product as they would do in their mobile browser from the optimized product show. Thus, the average order value in mobile apps is 140% and 130% higher than on mobile sites and desktop sites respectively.

Apps are faster
Apps are 1.5 times faster than the website as well as they even perform action way to faster than a website because the app usually store their data locally on the devices, but in case of mobile sites, data needs to be pulled from web servers which takes few seconds or a minute depending upon the network speed. Another reason that mobile site always uses JavaScript for running their functions, and on another end, mobile apps run on a framework, which is five-time faster. As of this happen in the back end, so your users won’t get to perform actions much faster on the front end delighting them with a seamless experience.

Mobile apps are the utmost essential for ecommerce stores, so it is very difficult to imagine selling without being on mobile. So, the main challenge here is that to stand apart as there is significant competition on the app store, so the thing which you offer has to be unique for making you stand tall in the crowd. Therefore, you should look for an expert mobile app development company for creating one who can truly help for adding value for your online store. We Panaceatek have a team of expert mobile app builder with rich experience and expertise in diverse mobile platforms as well as in technologies, so contact us for creating your high-performance business application which can help for matching your business requirements.


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