Technology is changing every day. Something new is getting invented every moment and everyone is getting benefited with the technological inventions. The mobile SIP dialer app is one of the impressive and beneficial inventions of technology.

In earlier days, people used a hard post to send messages from one location to another. Then, they started using fax, then email and the invention of telecommunication changed the whole way communication took place. The businesses started using phone lines to have a conversation and it is still a widely used mode of communication. Still, people were looking for a revolutionary communication system and that came into use with the invention of the SIP dialers.

Initially, SIP dialer, also known as SIP softphone, was used as a software installed on the desktop or laptop. This type of SIP dialer is also known as PC dialers. It is good as it offers a wide range of communication features; keeps logs of features and also uses internet connection to make calls which is way cheaper than traditional telecommunication cost. The business users loved it, but it had limitations. It could be used on the computer or laptop devices only. People need to carry their laptops everywhere they need to have a call. As you can imagine, this was really bothersome as it wasn’t possible to carry system everywhere and to use the PC dialer on another system, the user had to install software and configure required settings to use the same. These issues and concerns got resolved with the invention of mobile SIP dialer.

The mobile SIP dialer is also a SIP dialer aka SIP softphone application. The only difference is that it is an application instead of software and it can be installed on a mobile device like a Smartphone, tablet, etc. As we know, these devices are lightweight and generally people carry them wherever they go, the communication over the SIP softphone can be done easily.

The mobile SIP dialer is available as a ready to use the application in Play Stores and App stores. Based on the operating system of your device, you can get this app. This app can have different features and that is highly dependent on the service provider. The most common features available in mobile SIP dialer application are listed below:

• Profile setting
• App to app calling
• App to PSTN number calling
• Conference calling
• Last call redial
• Call history
• Phone book
• Call timer
• Call hold
• Call pickup
• Call mute
• Call un-mute

These are the most common features. Some companies offer advanced mobile SIP dialer application that is furnished with features like real time call balance, call forwarding, chat, phonebook integration, top up, and recharge and more features.

The mobile SIP dialer app is also available as a white label solution and anyone can use it at an affordable rate. To get a white label app, just contact the app provider and show your interest in the white label mobile SIP dialer application. The provider will take care of the rest to provide you a white label solution for your business.

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