At present, almost everybody with a stable Internet access has got a case of the MOOCs. As a matter of fact, various types of courses are being offered at Massive Open Online Courses (or simply MOOCs) which range from conventional academic programs to more vocational programs including finance, marketing, graphic design, as well as computer programming. According to many individuals, MOOCs happen to be the future of education, and in this article, we will mention some essential guidelines on how MOOCs can help to improve your career credentials.

1. Improve your skills across a wide range of subjects

It will be possible to acquire a wide range of skills by enrolling oneself in MOOCs. The program will aid in exploring new areas particularly for the students and the newbies which can be very helpful in case one is interested in working for a small company or a start-up.

2. Develop specific expertise

The MOOC program will enable one to develop and demonstrate targeted skills. In fact, this can play a major role in maximizing the value of one's resume. All you need to do will be to get a certificate and also build a portfolio which can be highlighted on the CV. Many top universities offer free online courses with certificates in many subject areas. This will definitely provide you with a clear edge over other candidates in the long run.

3. Speed up around your present track

Nowadays, proper career management demands regular studying as well as advancement. Apart from keeping your abilities and knowledge fresh, MOOCs likewise enable you to progress faster. According to lots of MOOC students, this program has really enhanced their confidence to a great extent. They are able to convert this confidence into innovative opportunities which can eventually result in promotion. In order to succeed with this particular strategy, you just need to look for the courses pertinent to your discipline and enroll in a couple of interesting ones. As a matter of fact, your career prospects will receive a huge boost with only a few MOOCs under your belt.

4. Study the language of a new industry

MOOC training will help you to take your knowledge into an identical role in a diverse industry provided you do have adequate experience in any particular industry and also have occupied a specific type of role for a considerable period of time. For instance, take for granted that you are endowed with functional skills in communications. And, you are contemplating on shifting to the nonprofit sector from the corporate environment. In that case, you'll get significant assistance from MOOCs on subjects like business ethics, ecological issues, sustainability, as well as global poverty. The program will allow you to comprehend the issues as well as terminology much better and will likewise assist you in making the shift.

5. Develop experience outside your present job

Quite a few recruiters are of the opinion that MOOCs are definitely helpful and many have likewise asserted that nothing compares to work experience. According to them, experience gathered from performing jobs similar to those which can be expected in an upcoming position is going to be the most precious asset of a candidate. MOOC training can help you with a strategy play in case you like to make a move in the future. As a matter of fact, it will be prudent for you to talk to your boss regarding your desire for accepting projects that do not fall within your normal role.


After going through all these above-mentioned strategies, at least one of them will definitely aid you in advancing in your career. We like to conclude by stating that although it might not be possible for MOOCs to replace a professional degree, they can definitely enhance it in a more useful and practical manner.

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