Mother-daughter relationships are at the headwaters of each woman's health. One's bodies and beliefs are formed in the soil of one's mother's beliefs, behaviors, and emotions. Even before one's birth, mothers offer one the first nurturing experience. Mothers are one's first most powerful female role models. From mothers, daughters learn how to take care of one's bodies and how to be a woman.

One's cells divide and grow to the beat of one's mother's heart. Her blood alone nourishes one's hair, heart, skin, bones, and lungs. A mother's blood is flush with the neurochemicals formed in response to her beliefs, emotions, and thoughts. The bodies of mothers and daughters are formed by a continuous web of nature and nurture. They are formed by a consciousness that can be traced back to when it all began. All daughters contain their mothers and women who came before their mothers. As such, the dreams of a daughter's maternal ancestors are part of her heritage. To become happy and healthy, all daughters must get clear cues about how their mother's history has influenced and continues to tell them about their beliefs, state of health, and how they should live their lives. The woman who heals herself ends up healing all women who came before her and those who would come after her.

The mother-daughter relationship is profound. Mothers end up unconsciously influencing their daughters. It has been observed that the women who have healthy and supportive relationships with their mothers are bound to get positive messages about their bodies and how to care for them. Daughters with supportive mothers have their minds, bodies, and spirits programmed for optimal healing and health.

In the book, The Untold Story, Yasmin Ghafoor explores the different ways mothers influence their daughters' lives. She helps her readers explore various facets of this relationship by offering insight into the beautiful bond between mothers and daughters.

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Mother-daughter relationships are at the headwaters of each woman's health