First of all, you must be aware what calorie is, it is measurement unit of energy that your body consume from the food and drink you eat.

But this piece of content is about how much calories one person required to have every day in their meal totally varies on several factors such as gender, age, metabolism, and physical activity level.

As per the general rule is 2500 calories for men and 2000 calorie for women are required each day.

For Teenager and Growing kids, calorie requirement will be more than adults, depending on physical activity level such an athlete would require more than any other regular person.

On the other hand, your height & weight may be responsible the way you use your body energy.

Why Calories Are Important for Everyone

To Maintain a healthy Bodyweight, you would require to consume appropriate amount of calories depending on all various factors that we mentioned above. To know how much calories, you would require you can use BMI Calculator as well.

In case of losing weight, you need to have few calories with healthy balanced diet while increasing your physical activity in order to lose weight in healthy way. You can read about meal with low calories check some of the delicious lunch under 200 calories

I case of gaining weight, you would require to intake more calorie than your body required.

What are some popular calorie-rich healthy foods choices?

Examples of calorie-rich foods include:

Proteins: Beans, whole milk, eggs, cheese, full-fat yogurt, red meats, pork, chicken with skin on (roast or broil), salmon or other oily fish. Must Read Why should intake more Protein in your meal.

Carbohydrates: whole grains, whole grain breads, potatoes, brown rice, whole grain pasta.

Fats: Nuts and nut butters, mayonnaise, high-fat cheeses, olives, avocado, butter, salad dressings.

Less Calorie Food, Almost Zero Calories

Apples (57 calories in 125 grams), Asparagus (27 calories in 135 grams), Beets (59 Calories per 16 grams), Broccoli (31 Calories in 91 grams), Cabbage (22 Calories in 89 grams), Carrot (53 Calories in 128 grams), Cauliflower (25 Calories in 100 grams), Celery (18 Calories in 110 grams), Cucumber (8 Calories in 52 grams), Fennel (27 Calories in 87 grams) and many more...

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