Defoamers are used to prevent the formation of foam in the industrial process liquids. With the passage of time, defoamers have only gone on to enjoy a steep surge in demand – and that’s not quite without reasons. What many of us don’t really realize is that foam is not only a mere hindrance to the whole process of industrial liquid formation. But, do let us tell you that foam is equally dangerous. We will tell you how. Read on in order to explore in the course of the post.

What are the disadvantages of foam?

Now, before delving into the details of the demerits of foam in industrial processes – do let us tell you a bit about the anti-foaming agents that you actually have access to. You can get in touch with a credentialed Defoamer Supplier and obtain any one of the following types of defoamers:

Mineral Oil based defoamer

Silicone based defoamer

Specially designed polymer based defoamer

Non mineral oil based (non-silicone) defoamer

Phosphoric Acid Manufacturing process: Have you considered the danger of foam here?

Talking about the dangers of not using the proper anti-foaming agent – do you know that you can actually go on to brook a world of danger for your worker – if you are not using proper anti-foaming agent for phosphoric acid manufacturing process?

We will tell you what exactly the danger is. Now phosphoric acid is formed when phosphate rock reacts with sulphuric acid at temperatures beyond 70 degree celsius. This is often called the wet process synthesis of phosphoric acid, which inevitably ends up generating a huge amount of foam.

The whole reaction process is actually hindered by the formation of foam. The foam minimizes the capacity of the equipment. The overflowing foam actually ends up creating dangerous conditions in the lab – thanks to the caustic properties of phosphoric acid. The plant personnel at work are clearly at risk here.

It doesn’t really matter whether you’re procuring the anti-foaming agent to be employed for the phosphoric acid manufacturing process – or for pulp and paper manufacturing, always make sure that you are prioritizing the quality of defoamer which you are actually using.

What should you do?

It is of utmost importance to ensure that you choose to collaborate only with those defoamer manufacturers who, in turn, work only with vendors that have a long reputation of offering quality raw materials. The manufacturers themselves should have stellar infrastructural facilities at place to ensure that the quality checks are performed without fail. They are also well adept at troubleshooting lest the need arises.

It is so important on your end that you are surveying the credentials of the manufacturers thoroughly before you are actually signing up for their services. Please do not commit the mistake of settling for services arbitrarily. Do read reviews and seek recommendations before you are finally settling for services. Find out what the clients have to say about the quality of anti-foaming agent offered by the manufacturer, whose services you are mulling right now!

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