The more I learn about life’s connection with the universe, I am starting to appreciate and love the way it is designed. Life is a wide issue that if I were to compare my understanding with God or Buddha, I will be a laughing stock. Nevertheless, Life is always simple. It is just that we tend to view it as complicated therefore it becomes complicated.

In our modern society, why is so, that we are always talking about the great people who have lived decades or centuries ago? Why are we digging up their wisdom and sharing with everybody? It is because, the principals of life remains the same even at this modern age of technology. The teachings of Lao Tzu lived more than 2500 years. His wise words are common reference for our own reflections. This shows that throughout our existence, the rules of life has not changed at all.

If you have watched the Secret video, you would understand the connection we have with the universe. According to the Laws of Attraction, whatever we want in life is attainable. We just need to focus on receiving it as we send our message to the universe.

Our thoughts are physical in the universal. Whatever, we think of, will be conceive. That’s why it is important to be aware of our own thoughts. Be careful with what goes in your mind because a daily repetition can brought to you faster than you thought because the universe is simply doing her job by responding to your request.

“When you correct your mind, everything falls into place.” – Lao Tzu

How are all these associated with your life? It all starts from your thoughts. Whatever you wish for life will be given to you. If you want a successful life, you will be offered. However, it is not a simple order menu where you give your order and it will drop on your doorstep. You need to open your eyes and look out of all these opportunities around you. It is presented in many different forms for you. It is a method of whether are you able to recognise it.

As life is always trying to find a balance, there are inevitably ups and downs. It is part and parcel of life. The downs are lessons to be learnt so that you can appreciate the ups in life. Show to the universe that you appreciate what it is giving you by doing more for others. We are living a life for others. Therefore contribution is a spiritual enlightenment for each one of us.

Are you consistently reviewing your own life and steer it to the direction you want OR are you simply flowing aimlessly with life. Look at life in a different angle and you will appreciate it.

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