Krill is a small crustacean that lives in the bottom of the Pacific and Southern Oceans. It is about 2 to 6 centimetres in length. It is a good source of fish oil supplement that assists in the correct functioning of many of the body's organs. However, people know little of what should be the correct krill oil dose?

Krill oil has been readily accepted by a lot of people as a result of its health benefits due to the fatty acids it contains. It is known that a Krill oil dose only contains 9% of the vital fatty acid Omega 3 while fish oil contains 27% of this acid.


Before deciding on a krill oil dose you should investigate how much will satisfy your requirements. Also, it is advisable to consult a doctor since krill oil can have side effects for people with bleeding disorders. Practitioners may advise you of a dosage according to your age, height and weight.

In particular people with allergic reactions to seafood such as shrimps should avoid krill oil and these people are doubly advised to consult their physician prior to the consumption of it. It is also possible that Krill oil may cause an adverse reaction with other medications that you may be taking.

In the case of children and smaller adults, for the first couple of weeks a quantity of 2 grams per week is suggested. The dosage can then be increased to 1 gram daily. A medium built or heavy person can start on a dosage of 1.5 grams a day. This would amount to an intake of 750mg per capsule (2 No.) on a daily basis.

Krill oil is an anti-inflammatory which helps in joints and diseases such as arthritis. While considering the size of any krill oil dose, you must pay particular attention to the level of DHA included. Research has shown that DHA is the more beneficial of the two important acids which are present in Omega 3, these being EPA and DHA. The human body easily accepts DHA and 60% of the human brain is known to be constituted of this fat.

It is said that a healthy body produces a healthy mind. In this instance, the DHA supplements ensure that you have a healthy brain and they assist in the effective functioning of all the other organs of the body such as heart, liver and bones.

Better Alternative

In conclusion, a krill oil dose requires a large harvest of krill from the bottom of the Ocean. As these crustaceans are at the bottom of the food chain, any imbalances can cause disastrous results to their environment. Their habitat is therefore constantly under threat.

A safer bet for your health is therefore to source your Omega 3 oil from fish which as previously stated have a higher concentration than that of krill oil.

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