In vitro fertilization is one of the most useful discoveries in medical science because, since 1978, it has been giving couples a second, reliable chance at becoming parents. IVF is one of the best methods of fighting against infertility, in both men and women but, although it has existed for quite a while now and it has been more than perfected, the costs can still be quite high for some people.

In what follows we’ll take a look at how much in vitro fertilization might cost, so anyone out there considering it may know what to expect for the future and make preparations.

The first thing you need to be aware of is that, depending on your location, on the country you live in, the in vitro fertilization cost will vary, though basically it revolves around the same sums of money. We are going to talk about the costs that are usually involved with in vitro fertilization in America. So the basic in vitro fertilization cost is around $12,000, but depending on other complications and procedure details, it may go as high as $15,000. However, you may find clinics where the costs won’t surpass $10,000, but these are rarer cases, and it will definitely not be cheaper than that anywhere.

When you start looking around for fertility clinics, make sure they are telling you about all costs when you talk price. If they mention the in vitro fertilization cost is lower than $10,000, it is probable they are not revealing everything, so ask more questions and find out any details. For example, you can ask them if their quote also includes fertility drug purchases, blood work, ultrasound and monitoring of the in vitro fertilization process and the subsequent pregnancy.

Moreover, the in vitro fertilization cost may vary if you already have frozen embryos from previous tries or that you may have stored away for this procedure. If so, then the costs of your in vitro fertilization may be reduced with as much as $3,000, which is what a frozen embryo transfer usually costs. Yet when you opt for a complex procedure as this one – be it perfected as it is –, there is much testing involved, or other additional support you may need from the clinic if your infertility issues are graver. So if you want genetic testing of the embryos as well, you may have to pay an extra $3,000.

As you can see, the costs of in vitro fertilization vary, so if you need accurate quotes in the area where you live, it would be best to visit your local fertility clinic and discuss with the staff and physicians there.

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If you are interested in alternative reproductive methods, you need to learn that the in vitro fertilization cost usually revolves around $12,000, but it can also go as high as $15,000, or as low as $10,000 depending on the procedures you need. Moreover, depending on your condition, the doctor may recommend extra tests or treatments, and if you want to have your embryos genetically tested, you will have to pay approximately $3,000 more. If you want to know more about in vitro fertilization, visit today.