Artificial Intelligence or AI has transformed the world as we know it. With the introduction of chatbots and smart assistants, the life of people has changed. There is more and more adoption of AI in different industries. It is imperative to see a change mobile application development. AI-based apps are emerging in the market.

But the development cost of an AI-based app remains to be an important aspect. First, you need to make a concrete calculation to measure the anticipated gains to the business. It should be compared with the cost of development and support. There are many aspects to consider while developing an AI-based app. Applications aren’t an experiment for you to play around. You have to understand the scope of the response of the market. The future of businesses lies in mobility. Companies that embrace integrated mobile technology will rule the upcoming future. It is undeniable in the field of industries dependent on AI-based technology. Missing on app development is no longer acceptable in this modern business landscape.

Along with app development cost, many companies look to work with a mobile app development company. They can also choose to hire an app developer to create a required app. The cost range can certainly fall depending on the right choice. There are various factors to consider as different apps aren’t identical. However, calculating the app development cost can be realized considering few factors. They include utility, functionalities, features and complexities. They drive the cost of development effort of Artificial intelligence apps.

At the most basic level, the app development comes down to development hours. The features required, UI style to use, functionalities of apps etc. are time-intensive processes. Working with a development company or a developer can affect the number of hours. Required features and specifications of the app come with a cost. Companies have to factor that in. They should gauge the number of hours that it will take to complete the project. The number of hours for completion of the project can be measured. It can be broken down into the number of employees, their type and their efficiency to know the development time. Regardless of the employed method, each company makes the calculation of how many hours will it take to complete the project. They factor in feature requests, complexities related to external hardware, software as well as API integration. They look at resources which they will utilize to complete the development process.

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Every feature of an app comes with some number of design as well as programming. It also includes project management, testing and revision hours. The more features are requested, the more number of hours it will require. This drives up the cost. There should be synchronization between the client and development company regarding app features. It requires estimation of hours required to develop those features. It is cross-referenced with the corresponding cost per utilization of resource hour. This allows to get a gist of the largest cost factors related to AI-based app development. You need to figure out which features are important and which can be scrapped. It will certainly affect the cost. The mobile apps’ cost is dependent on complexity, feature list and mobility platform. The cost of AI mobile app development will depend according to following buckets.

In case the required app has lower-level complexity with smaller feature list, it can cost around $40,000. It is for one mobility platform.

When it comes to medium level complexity apps with medium-sized features, the cost is close to $50,000 to $100,000. This is in the case of one or two mobility platforms.
However, in case of high-level complexity apps a large feature list, the cost can be above $150,000. It is in case there is a requirement for more than three mobility platforms.
The medium and high complexity apps can range between $100,000 to $150,000. Making a realistic calculation in context of a high-complexity mobile app, it will cost around $150,000. However, it is difficult to judge and doesn’t provide a clear picture as we don’t know which category the app will fall.

If you wish to build a field sales app, then you need to consider various aspects. Whether you want caching, support for offline data collection, or API support, then you can consider the cost at the higher end. Such app also includes backend database integration, credit card security protocols as well as social sharing. These apps will lie in medium level complexity spectrum with cost running ranging from $50,000 to $150,000. However, it will also vary with the features that are additionally required.

If you are looking for more complex apps with features like individual device management, various security protocol levels, backend integration, etc. then cost will vary. You may also want custom performance metric reporting, hardware integration, individual app management etc. This will also add up to the cost. The more number of features you add in the app, more it will cost to you. Also, the expertise of the development company or developer will increase. It will add more cost. It will also increase the number of developmental hours, increasing the cost. But it is essential to develop a comprehensive, secure and useful app.

AI in mobile apps has changed the mobile app development market. The application of such apps can be seen in different industries. They have enabled more convenience and comfort to the users. But when it comes to the development of AI-based apps, the cost is the significant factor. It can vary with the complexity, features, expertise of developer as well as development hours, to name a few. So, before developing an AI-based app for your business, you should consider all these cost-related factors. This will enable you to estimate the app development cost and help you in managing it.

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