Fantasy Sports Mobile Apps like Dream11 are meant to provide entertainment coupled with earnings, and also testing your knowledge about a specific sport. Dream11 is one such app where you can create a team that has the best skills, and then play with that team in a league. If a team loses you lose as well, but on the contrary, if it wins, you earn money too. Since the last few years, particularly since the advent of the Indian Premier League in 2008, this trend has caught up with the app developers as well as the mobile users. But to be a top fantasy sport app, a number of features are required to be present in the app. The more features, the higher will be the cost to develop fantasy sport app like Dream 11. Indian app developers are developing a number of such apps these days. To list a few there is Hala Play, Khel Champ, My11Circle,11Wickets, and many more. No doubt that these apps are very entertaining, yet they cost a lot. Looking at trends as a Mobile App Development Company is significant, and this trend is linked to the fact that people turn to the Fantasy Sports App to create their own virtual teams based on actual matches. Today, the various app development companies in India are hiring fantasy sports app developers to develop apps like Dream 11. These devices are now revolutionizing the Sports Mobile Device landscape and currently have around 90 per cent of the market. Developing Smartphone Applications for Fantasy Sports, however, isn't a bad idea and through it you stand to build a loyal fan base. The cost of every Fantasy Sports Mobile app depends upon the features that are provided. An app like the Dream 11 app costs anywhere between 15,000 to 20,000 USD.

Before we start to estimate the cost of such an app, it is essential to know about the features that are desired by the users and that would enhance the chances of success for such an app. Fantasy sports give followers of a particular sport a platform to display their skills and abilities regarding some sports. Sports fans can make their own dream team by choosing actual players from future matches that they think will outperform any other player, winning bonuses that rely on real results, and having a chance to win exciting prizes and cash rewards. A fantasy sports app is all about game fever, anticipation, enjoyment and, most importantly, the chance to win prizes. With the number of sports leagues growing day by day, fantasy sports are now becoming popular among various sports such as basketball, kabaddi, football, and cricketing. Such apps have given India's sports fans the opportunity to showcase their expertise and become part of a common platform. An app like Dream 11 has features that can be easily categorized into two main parts: the user-end features and the admin features.

● User-End Features

1. Authentication. Like every app the user needs to sign up / register and using the same credentials the user must sign-in. This is to prevent any unauthorized sign-in as the app has monetary transactions involved. The prizes / the money won by one user cannot be made accessible to another user.

2. Main Screen Features. The main screen should show a search dialog, lists that include tournaments, match categories, and timings etc.

3. Other options. This can include options that will help create leagues, join a tournament or a league, or even create new tournaments.

4. User Tournament Details. This can include the lists of tournaments being played by the current user, allow editing of the user profile or even editing a team i.e. adding or removing players from a team when a match is not underway.

5. Payment Gateways. This is one of the most important parts in a Fantasy Sports App as the user has to be paid the amount he/she has won. Alternatively, there are tournaments where the user has to pay in order to participate in a tournament. These days there are various payment modes such as Credit Card, Debit Card, UPI, PayTM, and a host of other options.

6. Invitations. Users can also send invitations to their friends to use the specific app and make money. On sending a referral code, both the existing and the new user will benefit when the new user installs and registers with the app using the referral code.

7. The Dashboard. The dashboard is the place where a user can view details of his account, manage transactions, check rankings and sign out. This is generally the first page the user will see when logging in to the app.

● Admin Side Features

1. Authentication. A specific page that allows a user to sign-in as an administrator of the app. Not everybody can sign in as an administrator.

2. Admin Dashboard. The admin dashboard contains options that are not available to a general user. Admin will handle the whole user account from here, such as performing operations to Edit / Delete / Add / Activate / Deactivate Accounts.

3. Tournament Management: Admin can monitor the app's entire matches, and can also edit / delete / add / activate / deactivate matches.

4. Managing Games Category. The administrator can manage any game categories from this option and as in the case of Tournament management so here also he can edit / delete / add / activate / deactivate game categories.

5. Earnings. The option can show the earnings of all the users who are active and playing the fantasy sport according to various filters such as tournaments, games, victories, losses etc.

6. Payment Management. The administrator can manage the mode of payments from this option.

7. Cash Bonus. Any payments that have to be made to the users either as prize money or as cash rewarded because of joining the app or inviting other users to the app can be managed from this option.

8. Report Management. Reports such as contest reports, contestant reports, match reports, earning reports, player ranking reports can be generated by the admin under this option.

9. Manage Bank Withdraw Request. Admin will be able to view the contestant's entire request to withdraw the winning amount from their respective bank. Admin is allowed to: accept / reject bank details, accept / reject card details, show the full list of contestants (approved or rejected), submit money to the contestant using this option.

● Other Features

1. Live Scores Integration. Every Fantasy Sports App includes an option to show the current scores to its users. This is nowadays possible through three use of APIs or JQuery.

2. CRM Integration. The software is integrated with the back-end service provider, and helps with ticket processing, user location, email sending, push notification, etc.

3. Push Notification: Contestants are sent notifications and messages to remind them when it's time to build a team, when the match will start, etc.

4. Real-time Analytics: In applications like this, this technology proves to be very important when the data needs to be collected in real time.

5. GPS Location Tracking: This feature is capable of sending alerts and pushing notifications, about the upcoming or ongoing leagues / matches near their location, to fantasy app users.

Is it Legal?
If you have any questions regarding the current legal aspects of fantasy platforms such as Dream11, then be informed that Fantasy Sports Applications are 100 percent legal. Certainly the Indian Government has distinguished fantasy sports from betting / gambling practices, calling it a skill game. There are some Indian states such as Odisha Telangana, and Assam where the legality of using such an app is questionable as the laws in these states do mention whether a skill game can be played for a fee or not.

The Cost
This brings us to the ultimate question. What will it cost to develop a Fantasy Sports Mobile App like Dream 11? It all started around 2014 and in those times the fantasy sports app were earning somewhere around 0.5 crores INR but as of today the same industry benefits around 200 crores INR and the user base has doubled since the last years for such apps. Going by the figures, one can easily imagine what would be the cost of such an app. This, however, depends upon the features that are included in the app. There is no hard and fast rule to calculate the price of such an app. Also, we cannot fix the price of one app to a specific amount.

Let’s Sum It Up
Well, we all know there are going to be hundreds of major sporting events in the near future like the FIFA, World T-20, and World Cup ICC. It's the right time to catch your share. Furthermore, it is expected that Fantasy Sport will expand rapidly, as more and more countries legalize it. In the next five years, demand for the development of fantasy apps will increase by 30 percent. So, get your own one from Play Store or AppStore and start earning while playing.

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