How much does a move cost you? You probably wonder if you are preparing your move. Moving yourself is of course the cheapest, but if you do not have enough time or energy to pack and / or carry yourself, a moving company is your big rescue. Now you have to get an idea of ​​the costs of a moving company. You can of course simply calculate moving costs which is a good for first step.

But how do you influence the costs of your move? The costs of a move depend, among other things, on the amount of stuff you have and the distance between your old and your new home. It is therefore not easy to say what a moving company costs. In this article we explain how you can calculate moving costs what prices you can count on.

How much does a move cost on average?
According to the trade association Recognized Movers, the average price of a relocation is between 500 and 1000 dollars. This price seems high, but a move with a recognized mover is therefore the cream of the crop in the moving industry. Thanks to the moving costs calculator that helps calculating your move upto the approximate figure.

What influences the costs of a move?
As indicated in the first paragraph, the type of moving company you choose depends strongly on the final costs. If you opt for a moving costs calculator, the costs depend on the following factors:

  • The amount of stuff you move. Moving companies calculate their prices on the basis of the number of cubic meters.
  • The distance between your old and your new home.
  • The floor on which your new and old home is located.
  • The accessibility of both houses (is a moving elevator necessary?).
  • The amount of help (friends, family) that you engage yourself.
  • Whether you pack yourself , or have it done by the removal company.

What will my removal cost?
The costs of a move can vary from about 500 dollar to no less than 2000 dollars. Because the price of a move depends on so many factors, it is very difficult to just make an estimate. That is why moving cost calculator need more information to be able to estimate the price of your move.

A good first step is to request a number of online offers. Or you can approximate this immediately via Moving Costs Calculator: In this form you enter a number of details about your upcoming move, such as your current and new residence, the type of house and the number of rooms. You also indicate whether you want to pack and disassemble yourself, or whether you prefer to leave this to the movers. The information you enter will be sent to several moving companies in your region with the click of a button. Moving Costs Calculator then make an estimate of the price and send it by e-mail. This way you have a good first impression of what your relocation will cost you.

In most cases, an Moving Costs Calculator is a global estimate. In order to determine the exact costs, a moving company usually wants to do a home visit. That way they can see what the size of your contents is and how accessible the home is. Sometimes such a 'visit' can also be done via Skype.

The advantage of the latter method is that you immediately see a price after filling in your data. Here, however, there is also a disadvantage: it is more likely that the calculation is not optimal. It is therefore possible that you pay too much or that the costs on the move day itself are higher.

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Misty Jhones