As a popular cosmetic treatment dentistry treatment, teeth whitening offers a really fast and affordable fix to getting the perfect gleam on your previously stained teeth. The non-invasive method is preferred by both genders, and within a limited time frame and a budget which suits most pockets; a teeth whitening service is done perfectly. There are many ways to get your teeth whitened.
You can choose a professional dentist clinic or a readymade bleaching kit for your home usage. Unless your teeth are not heavily damaged, you will see great results. Is it a permanent solution to keep them glisten white like that? The answer is “No”. Teeth whitening would be needed at certain times to maintain itself and keep the stains away.

Teeth Whitening Service Costs

Apart from the excitement of getting a teeth whitening service and looking at the results later, many people often wonder how much it really costs. Prices can of course vary per area but the professional clinic one-hour teeth whitening service is the most expensive option compared to the home bleaching kit. An average assumption can be $650 for each of your visit, and in some areas; the price can rise till 1000-1200 dollars per visit. Is it worth it? Definitely! Expert dentists know the procedure as they have done it for so many times. Their mastery of the skill will end with the result you had in mind after the treatment.

For Over the Counter (OTC) strips and trays, they can range from 15-100 dollars, and can be found at your local pharmacy or even the grocery store. So, if you just want to add a smile and not worry a lot about paying in thousands or several hundreds, this is the best option to go for. Do keep in mind the end results will not match with your dental clinic visit as the quality of the whitening gel (hydrogen peroxide solution) would be lower in quality than the one they use in the clinics.
Lastly, if you are looking for a balance of money and service at the same time, getting a professional bleaching kit will do wonders for you. Just head to your local or family dentist and get a prescription of the kit you require. Once done, such kits would normally cost anywhere between 90-450 dollars. As these ones are a bit higher in price and would have better hydrogen peroxide solution, chances of a better teeth whitening service are highly likely.

Again, don’t forget you will need to be getting these procedures done over time to maintain your brightness. However, with such great options available, having shiny and white teeth is no longer impossible. Also, adding a bit of care in your diet and the overall hygiene will make your teeth whitening service last longer than normal.

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