What is LIFE weight? Life weight is all the things you carry around with you on a day-to-day basis that you do not need. Two of the heaviest pieces of weight we carry with us is past and future weight. We bog ourselves down with events from the past and worries about the future not realizing how much damage it is doing to our bodies and minds. Life weight can cause stress, anxiety, depression, weight gain, addictions, frustration, anger and disease. And let's not forget about the weight of our negative thinking. That is usually the one that will take you down a road of self-destruction.

The only weight you should be concerned about at any given moment in time is the weight you need right NOW. Surprisingly enough the weight you need right now does not exist. There is no life weight when you live in the here an now because there is nothing in the present moment to weigh you down. Why is this? Because nothing from the past or future ever exists when you are focused and living in the present moment! Isn't that great to know!? There is nothing but love, happiness and a peaceful life waiting for you right NOW!

Let's say for example that someone hurt you many years ago and yet you still hold onto the pain. You avoid getting close to anyone in fear of being hurt again. You have lost your confidence and you have no trust when it comes to relationships. Do you need this memory and the pain in order to live? No, of course not. So why do you allow it to weigh you down? Why do you allow it to control you? If you were to take the weight of this past event off your mind, how do you think you would feel? You would feel pretty darn good wouldn't you? You would gain your confidence back, you would trust again and most importantly you would not be afraid of being hurt again. How could you when you are living free from your past?

It is no different with a future worry. If you have bills piling up and you can't pay them until you get your next paycheck why would you CHOOSE to carry the weight of your bills around with you if you cannot do anything about them in the present moment. Put them away and forget about them until you get your next paycheck. You do not need them in order to live do you? You do not ever need the weight of them.

If you would like to figure out how much your life weighs, take out several pieces of paper and write down all the negative past events that you think about on a regular basis. Write down every future worry you have. List all your negative thoughts which include all the things you are not happy with in your life and with yourself. Now take some time to read and re-read your lists and then ask yourself, being totally honest, how much of this stuff do I need RIGHT NOW? I can guarantee that you won't need any of it and you won't stop breathing from the lack of it. In fact, you will probably begin to breathe easier, feeling lighter and lighter as you get rid of each piece of weight.

Each day when you wake up, take a few minutes before getting out of bed to remind yourself that you do not need all of your life's weight in order to survive. So before your feet hit the floor, leave them all behind and start your day off with a very deep breath of relief knowing there will be nothing weighing you down today! All you need is YOU IN the present moment so don't waste another minute of your life!

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