Bail, also known as "surety bond" in legal vocabulary and the term of the laity, is a form of property promised or deposited in a court to convince him to release a suspect from jail, and possibly the crime will be charged if he does not appear in court. In some cases, the bond can be returned at the end of the bail, and that is if all court appearances are made, if the person is convicted or not of the crime of which he was accused. Any deviation in half of the defendant to appear in court when the bail will lead to a total expense of the bail amount by the bail agent. There are many qualified bail agents who will help a defendant in this regard.

Most bond premiums are 10 of the total bond money. For example, if the total amount of the bond is $ 10,000.00, the premium or fee for the bond is $ 1,000.00. These rates were established by the Canadian County Bail Bonds companies and regulated by the Department of Insurance.

Like most states, the cost of a bond is set by law. Always rememberthat these rates are not negotiable and that there should be no hidden fees or taxes with the bail bond company you use. The best thing about this is that it makes it easier for consumers because, as a consumer who buys a bond, you don't need to call 10 different bond companies and get 10 different rates. Legally, it would have the same rate.

State courts

Anywhere between 10% and 15% of the bonus amount, depending on the state in which you live

Federal courts represent 15% of the amount of the bond, the immigration bonus 20% of the amount of the bond, state courts anywhere between 10% and 15% of the amount of the bond, depending on the state where the crime.

It basically depends, the more severe the crime, the greater the bond. Well, in fact, in most cases, in cities or states, there is a term known as "bail calendar", which allocates a bail amount of money depending on the crime.

The reason of the bail bond company is to help clients by providing a safe and efficient release from the county jail and to help them wait until the scheduled court date. 

The problem is that, when someone is arrested, many feel they cannot pay bail by themselves or by their friend or relative. This is where a company will intervene to help you get out of jail by charging a percentage of the total amount. Most companies charge 10%.

It is important that you know to decide which bond company is best, you can compare them by license status, experience and if they are willing to offer some type of financing to help you adapt to your situation. You'll also want to find out the availability of financial assistance and if they have an unsecured bonus option.

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