In this mental wellness movement, the word ‘therapy’ has become significantly destigmatized and more people are considering it an option. That’s amazing, because early intervention into issues you’re dealing with will reduce the negative impact it has on your relationship. With all the amazing resources available online, it’s easy to connect with other people in similar positions as you, research books from the latest experts, and find tips for reconnecting.

But still, many people want the personalized approach. And if you’re looking for something more tailored for your specific needs, there are several options at your disposal:

## In-Person Therapy

Finding a therapist you both like, hopefully within your insurance plan, who will create a safe space for you both to feel emotionally vulnerable is a great option. This option works great for many couples and should be given full consideration.

## Potential Drawbacks Of In-Person Therapy

While there are many benefits, there are also a few deterrents that turn many people away from traditional therapy. One, the cost is significant, with an average session running between $100 and $500 (yes, often that’s with insurance!). Another is the time requirement: a single session a week may not sound like much, but they’re typically 60-90 minutes, if you both work this is a difficult thing to maneuver, and if you do it after work you’re likely looking at additional babysitting costs for kids. Lastly, a common criticism of in-person therapy is that it’s difficult to monitor progress, and for some, it happens too slowly. With an emphasis on conversation, there isn’t usually a lot of focus on behavior change in the initial stages, and many couples lose steam and stop going.

## What Are The Other Alternatives?

Relationship coaching addressed each drawback of traditional therapy and created an effective alternative for those interested. It is typically a fraction of the cost of traditional therapy, with annual memberships equaling the cost of a single session. It also doesn’t have the same demands on your time, because you set your own hours. You work as much, or as little, as you want, and if you need help - your relationship coach is available 24/7. And the most significant difference - you can begin seeing real change in your relationship….wait for it… immediately. Because the focus is on getting to the root of behavior change, small steps often make a big difference to you and your partner. So the time between when you identify an issue you want to solve and when you start working towards a solution only takes as long as downloading an app.

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