Catherine Midwayer
Net Value: $12,78 million
The Duchess of Cambridge may have married the royal family but the net worth of her own family makes up an impressive 64 million AU$ thanks to their successful business, Party Pieces. According to Celeb Net Worth, her own net worth is estimated at some $12.78 million. Because of savings, it's almost double that of Meghan Markle, and its national value with clothes sales and revenue from tourism.

Duke Philip
Net value: USD 38.5 million
For his royal title, the Duke of Edinburgh receives just over $567,000 annually through the Sovereign Grant. In addition, according to a UK government site, he earns about $638,500 per year 'to cover the costs of carrying out his public duties in support of the queen.'

Prince Harry and Prince William
Net Value: $51 million each
A large proportion of their net worth comes from the inheritance money of Princess Diana, from which they got around $12.8 million each. The brothers also get an allowance from the Cornwall Duchy which covers their royal duties such as travel and clothing. In 2015, the amount was announced as totaling $5.9 million. Prince William also made some $77,000 in earnings for his role as an air ambulance pilot until he retired last year.

Laughing to the Bank the entire way!
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Dame Elizabeth II
Net value: USD 738.3 million
The Queen's net worth comes from combining items, according to Forbes: her vast property holdings, including Balmoral Castle in Scotland, a collection of fine art and jewellery, and one of the world's largest stamp collections. She also receives some $16.6 million in annual government stipends.

Prince Karl
Net value: 128 million dollars
Most of the fortune of Prince Charles comes from the Cornwall Duchy as he is the sole beneficiary of the estate. The Cornwall Duchy is a 200-square private estate spanning 23 countries, according to The Richest. Its principal aim is its productive and commercial land and resources.

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The Duchess of Cambridge may have married into the royal family but her own family’s net worth makes up an impressive AU$64 million thanks to their successful business, Party Pieces. Her own net worth is estimated to be around $12.78 million, according to celeb net worth. It is almost double that of Meghan Markle because of savings, and her national worth with clothes sales and tourism revenue.