Being a parent in these modern times includes some things about which didn't have to worry the parents before 20 years for example. We live in time when technology is a part of our everyday life; actually we can't imagine our living without it. And because we spend so much time in front of the TV, with our computers, with our iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch, our children can't stay unaffected from these things.

It's a fact that iPhone or iPod Touch can be a fantastic learning tool for our children, but on other hand what about the numerous hours spend on iPhone and iPod Touch games, how much technology is too much, and which are the proper years to start with this kind of activities? What about the outdoor activities that we practiced so much when we were young?

When it comes about the permitted amount of time for exposing the children to electronic media, the considerations of the experts are pretty even - children under two should not have any exposure to “screen”-type items! According to the experts, the first two years are extremely important for the development of their brain, for building their interest in interpersonal relationships and examining the world around them. TV, iPhones, iPads and computers may interfere with their interests, and that applies to the computer games, iPhone and iPod Touch games as well.

For children of two years and older, so called “screen time” should be limited to one or two hours per day, not more. It is useful this time to be broken into intervals of half hours for example. In this period it is better children to spend their time with you, explaining what is good and what is bad about the technologies. You can show them what kind of contents is appropriate for their age, which apps are educational, what kind of iPhone and iPod Touch games can play etc so they can learn things about the technologies.

Why are these things so important? Well the studies have shown that children that spend too much time in front of the computer are more likely to be overweight. Usually they show a lack of interest in physical activity which is very bad in young age. Spending numerous hours playing games or doing whatever in front of the screen may cause inadequate growth of bones and muscles which is pretty hard to fix further and also the eyes may suffer, and not to mention the contacts with the true reality.

But as we mention, the technology is a major part of modern society. It is asked from children to use computers from very early age during their education, and later, it is unimaginable the companies to hire someone who is not prepared in a variety of technological platforms, so isolating the children from technology won't do them any favours, either.

The point is in the balance and because children are not aware of the bad consequences, the parent is the one who should educate them and who should establish and enforce the rules, when it comes about the amount of time that is permitted to be spend with the iPhone, iPod or TV each day.

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Graduated philologist in comparative literature, born in Skopje, Macedonia. I find writing as one of the most appropriate ways to express myself and I like when it appears useful for the others as well.When you have free time relaxing with playing ipod touch games.