Why Is It Important To Keep Good Order?

What is the first thought that comes to your mind when you wake up in the morning? Coffee? Maybe yes, but also I am sure that you start to remember little by little all the things that you have to do today – child care, work, housekeeping chores, preparing a meal, filling government papers, mailing the post, go to the dentist and unfortunately the list goes on. It seems endless.How are you supposed to do everything, when you need 36 hours in a day instead of the 24 you have been given, which are far from enough? Well let's start by eliminating things that waste your time, like looking for lost items.

In his book “When the game is over it all comes back in the box”, Ortberg (2007) claims that an average person wastes approximately a year of his life looking for lost possessions – car keys, sun glasses, hair clips, children's toys, etc. This may come as a huge surprise, but sometimes you look for the same things daily, without even realizing how much time is taken out of your account overall.

According to a research carried by The Independent (2005) we spend roughly around 10 minutes a day looking for our keys, 5 minutes for the TV remote controllers. Approximately 7 minutes go for your socks and shoes, 4 minutes for sun glasses, etc. All together the folks from The Independent believe that you spend roughly around 30 minutes doing this every single day without even realizing it! According to domestic cleaners Islington this could be minimized if you keep your house clutter-free and in good order. Knowing where the keys are will also save you time arguing in the good old “You had them last!” fashion. Not only that, but according to psychological research if you are a neat, organized and clean person you are more likely to have the traits necessary for being successful too, according to this source.

Spending so much time hunting for lost items is a shame since the same research shows that we only laugh for around 6 minutes a day, visit other people for 21 minutes, make love only for 2 minutes and 42 seconds a day and spend only 2 weeks of our lives kissing another person. If that doesn't make you think about how you waste your time, I don't know what will!

In conclusion, I would like to appeal to you to invest your time wisely, spend more time with your loved ones, instead of watching TV (2 hours and 48 minutes a day) and enjoy life more, because it is short!

Author's Bio: 

Dana Barker Davies is a successful cleaning business owner. As a head of domestic cleaning Islington services she has plenty of experience in the cleaning sector. However she also graduated with a BSc in Psychology back in the days and knows about the link between cleanliness and what is on the inside of a person.