Taxi apps are veritable software solutions that have helped several outstanding Taxi companies record large milestones. Recently, Gett, an Israeli taxi company with a taxi app at the core of its enterprise ecosystem, raised over $80 million at a $1.4 valuation.

As the trendiness of taxi app development is rising, it’s common these days for business owners to inquire about how much it costs to develop a taxi app similar to that of Gett, in order to access the profitability of the software solution for their particular business models. If you’re itching to put a finger on the cost of a taxi app development like Gett, this article is a primer to help you nail that figure.

The Gett team is confident that with their taxi app underpinning their business operations, the company is poised to record a significant profit margin in all the 120 cities that it currently operates in. Their taxi app is optimally streamlined for the company’s core services, making for the delivery of time-efficient and first-rate services to its user base.

An Overview of the Modular Design of the Gett type Taxi App Development

Gett’s model of Taxi apps is invariably different from those used by companies with business models similar to Uber. But the app’s core functions revolve around features that allow passengers to book private cabs with a few clicks of the button on their smart devices, and to get driven to their locations within minutes after booking.

An excellent mobile development company developing such an app is keen on harnessing the propensity for mobile device users to shop for goods and book services by pressing a few keys on their screen. In effect, the modular design of taxi app developments such as that of Gett is geared to enable businesses to thrive in a fast-paced city.

How Much Does it Cost to Develop an App like Gett

There is a myriad of variables that can go into a taxi app development in uncounted patterns of configuration. These variables include features, app design, the mobile development company, the programming language, etc. This makes it quite tricky to propose a blanket figure for the cost of taxi app development.

App Features

A key determinant of the cost of a taxi app development is the list of features. As per the features, the first thing you need to consider is that a taxi app like Gett normally comes with three interfaces; one for the passenger, one for the driver, and one for the admin.
Each of these interfaces bears a mix of individual and shared features. While they’re mostly composed of specific features suited to the specific business model, they do share a host of common features.

The following is rundown of the features that commonly appear on both the user and driver interfaces of Gett type taxi apps:

1. Registration
Passengers need to set up their account on the app and provide some personal information to facilitate the delivery of personalized services as well as payment processing. The drivers get to register on the app in order to provide critical information which the admin uses to access their qualifications for a position.

The registration process basically serves to let both drivers and passengers to set up user profiles on the app to ease operations. iPhone app development services reckon that the driver’s rating is a crucial part of the driver’s profile on the app, so they’re usually given to integrating a rating and voting system in the registration processing module of taxi app development.

2. Map Integration and Tracking
From determining the pickup destination of the passenger to offering navigation guides for the route to passenger’s destination, the operations of a taxi app development like Gett is contingent on the utility of GPS technology and a range of navigation functions.

Top-draw iPhone development services working on a taxi app development imbue taxi app developments with location APIs which extract information about the passenger’s location from the user’s phone and then transmit the information to the app servers. iPhone app development services understand the need to co-opt digital mapping systems like Google maps into a taxi app development to help both passengers and drivers to trace out the route between a passenger’s pickup destination and drop-off point.

3. Payment Processing
Any app which can generate transactions must come with payment processing functions to enable the users to make payments without much hassle. First-rate iPhone development companies reckon that the payment processing module is the cornerstone of a taxi app development. It galvanizes the convenience in the user experience.

Taxi apps like Gett allow users to board a taxi and pay the fare without handing out their credit cards or cash. The payment processor functionality also comes with a cost calculator to help users estimate transport fares beforehand.
Due to the security concerns that surround this aspect of the app development, the integration of payment processing functions is usually the most arduous part of the development.

4. Communication and Updates
A vital feature of the Gett type taxi app developments is streamlined communication functions. The apps allow for timely communications between all parties. Once a passenger sends in a request for a booking, a driver close by receives notification and is given just a few seconds to respond.

The passengers are kept in the loop about important events that occur before, during, and after the trip. A first-rate mobile development company working on taxi app development integrates the app with tools like Apple Push Notification, Google Cloud Messaging Service, etc.
All in all, the cost of developing the critical features of a taxi app ranges between $10,000 and $30,000.

Other Key Determinants of Taxi App Development Cost

The wireframe design, user interface design and user experience design can have a huge impact on the cost of app development, especially if there’s a preference for sophisticated designs. An excellent mobile development company may charge between $1,500 and $4,500 to produce the wireframe design of a taxi app development.
The App platform and the programming language are also notable determinants of the cost.


In summary, it costs between $11,500 and $34,500 to get an excellent mobile development company to create a taxi app like Gett. However, these are only rough estimates at best, as the manner in which companies choose to deploy the aforementioned variables give rise to diverse cost estimates. When you’re ready to get a Gett type taxi app, or another type of taxi app, be sure to contact us and we’ll work with you to create just the right app for your business.

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