With a shift to online education taking place across the country due to COVID-19, many students and parents are searching for the best resources to utilize during this educational renaissance. A highly sought after resource would be tutoring. A common question that arises as we search for the perfect tutor: How much will it cost?

In a local CBS report from El Paso, Texas, they found that the price of tutoring could range from as low as $40 an hour to over $1,000 a week depending on the service. That’s a tremendous difference. So, how do you determine which end of the spectrum you’ll be in? Good question. Here are some factors to consider.

Local, Regional, and National Coverage

The price of educational resources can vary depending on where you are located. Furthermore, an impact in determining the cost of online tutoring would be the scope of the company you are looking for. Individuals and private companies tend to only have a local range with a limited set of possibilities. Helping local is great, but you could be restricting your options. Regional companies face many of the same drawbacks to limited resources and accessibility, though they would have wider coverage. Whereas a professional tutor working for a nationally known company could offer more resources, availability, or flexibility to your needs. When you want to find a math tutor in this category, companies such as HelloThinkster offer great opportunities for students at an affordable cost. Not only that, but you could potentially gain insights to people across the globe from where you are.

Software Accessibility

The online environment can be navigated from computers, tablets, cellphones, and numerous other devices. Finding a tutor that is accessible from a variety of applications and devices, while maintaining a fair price, can offer some challenges. However, there are some terrific options for an online math tutor that can be accessed through a web browser or app when you select a company like HelloThinkster. With the ability to be utilized on multiple devices, students can work in nearly any location.

Education Level

Whether you are in middle school or high school, taking algebra or calculus, your school year will be a factor in determining the cost of your tutor. Prices can vary drastically depending on your education level. Though many colleges offer tutoring resources built into tuition, many public schools lack the funding to provide such valuable assets. Elementary school students, in particular, can benefit from additional help when they are still learning the basics. Companies that work with students from these developmental years through middle school and even into early high school can help to regulate costs.

Synchronous Versus Asynchronous

Or rather, working at the same time as your tutor or at different times. There are several reasons to choose one style over the other, but the cost can definitely be a factor.

In an article published by the EDUCAUSE Review, it found that there are benefits to both formats of e-learning. So, why not use both? HelloThinkster allows access to a math tutor for synchronous communication and also provides helpful exams for asynchronous feedback. Two services that are often not packaged together when seeking math help. Unless you are fully aware that one of these styles doesn’t work for you, finding a company that makes best practices from both would be a cost-efficient choice.

When searching for an online tutor, remember to take these factors into account. It will help you determine the cost, but also help you make the best educational choice for you or your child. None of us know when the pandemic will completely subside, but we can’t allow it to halt our children's progress. Find the right tutor and keep your child’s education and the GPA moving in the right direction.

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