Modernization in the medical field has sure accelerated the process of treatments and cures in the field. With the discovery of new medical technology and medicines the rate of recovery is also quicker than ever before. Having said that, gone are the days when squint eye was said to have no treatments and can never be cured. Today, all you have to do is approach the best squint specialist in Mumbai for your treatment and you sure to recover quickly. In today’s article, we have discussed how much, in general, would a top pediatric eye surgeon in Mumbai charge for a squint eye treatment. But before that first, let us discuss what is Squint or Strabismus?
What is Squint eye or Strabismus?
Squint eye which is also known as Strabismus is a condition wherein the eye muscles are weak and the eyes are unable to focus in a specific direction. Focusing on an object is a major concern with the squint eye condition. The reason for developing a squint eye could be either a weak eye muscle, neurological condition, or maybe even a genetic disorder. Consulting a squint eye specialist in Mumbai is what is recommended for a person having diagnosed with strabismus or squint eye.
Process of treating squint eye conditions
In case of a simple squint condition, the treatment is initiated with a squint surgeon in Mumbai recommending glasses/ contact lenses and eye patches. The eye patch treatment is a process wherein the normal eye is covered with a patch and the troubled eye is forced to focus on objects for improving the vision. Another way of fixing the eye problem is surgery that helps correct the positioning of the eyeball and the vision. So in this process, the muscles that move the eyes are corrected with a surgery where the muscles are tightened and the eyeball is corrected and moved towards the center of the pupil. Eye surgery is often recommended based on the severity of the eye condition. A squint surgeon in Mumbai would probably be the best one to test and recommend treatment.
How much would a Squint Eye treatment or surgery cost?
The cost of Squint Eye treatment may vary depending on the condition of the person. But generally, it vastly varies from INR 25,000 to INR 1 Lakh depending upon the technology used by the squint surgeon and the equipment required for the surgery.
Eligibility for Squint Eye treatment
Anyone who has a squint eye is eligible and needs to get treated immediately. Surgery is the most efficient and best treatment for a squint eye condition. Once the condition is diagnosed, you must immediately approach a squint specialist in Mumbai for treatment. As mentioned earlier the treatment must be initiated at an early stage of detection to prevent any further damages to the eye and vision. Treatments conducted or recommended should be under the supervision of a squint specialist in Mumbai.

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