Is your face a victim of too many injections? More and more we see shocking results develop from repeated use of injections that plump and paralyze.

In the case of Anita (her name has been changed) who works for a reputable plastic surgeon, who has had his share of face time on TV, her face appears grotesque. What happened? This doc Botoxed her forehead and one eyebrow sunk. Two weeks later it’s still sunken. She looks like she has paralysis or a type of Bell ’s palsy just over one eye. In addition, her lips have been over-injected and the lumps and bumps coupled with the sagging eyebrow are very hard to witness. Her “bunny lines” on the sides of her nose were certainly in evidence each time she talked and smiled.

This is not the first time Anita has had a procedure go wrong while working for this physician for twenty years as an aesthetician in his office. Two years ago a laser procedure left the orbital around her eyes red and disfigured. She still has to wear layers and layers of makeup and concealer to disguise the mishap which adds a type of clownish aspect to her appearance.

The blame is solely on the physician for her altered appearance. She believes her job is in jeopardy. She is likely correct because her face is wearing the results of her employer’s handiwork and it isn’t pretty. With her droopy eyebrow, her splayed lumpy, bumpy mouth and raccoon-type eye makeup, her great beauty has been robbed from her. Now she is a liability to his continued fortune.

She is not alone.

Recently a well-respected music titan was interviewed and her surgically mutilated, disfigured face was so shocking that it was difficult not to stare with an open mouth. Her once beautiful lips were enlarged across her face, her forehead did not move and she appeared to be so full of fillers that talking was a challenge for her. The left side of her face was basically without movement. The voice sounded the same but her appearance was severely altered. Her appearance reminded the viewers of the Joker in Batman.

What are doctors thinking? Is this the look of beauty they want us to adopt?

Surely not.

Dissatisfaction with one’s appearance takes on many facets from psychological to physical to emotional. The range of feelings when one looks in the mirror or glimpses their appearance unintentionally can send some running to the plastic surgeon’s office thinking that the only way to stop sagging cheeks, brows and chins is with surgery, lasers and injections.

They would be mistaken.
Sagging faces are a result of sagging muscles. Muscles in the face support our skin. If they are losing their oomph, strength and resilience then your facial features will begin to appear more mature as the muscles lengthen and drag down the skin. This dragging causes pooling of one set of muscles into another and where they collide is typically where a wrinkle is formed.

Facial exercise will tighten and strengthen the sagging muscles. By firming and lifting these muscles, the youthful contours of your face return, so skin looks younger, healthier and fresher. These proven exercise movements will help you look better than you have in years without invasive and irreparable procedures.

Facial exercise is natural and will immediately go to work to correct those droopy facial features quickly and easily. You will develop a younger, more vibrant appearance in just weeks as your face refines, tones, lifts and firms. The youthful contour returns as your face drops 5, 10, even 15 years.

Imagine simple exercises with noticeable results almost immediately. The routine takes only minutes a day and you create dramatic, lasting results without risk, harm or disappointment.

People will recognize you, your confidence will soar and you will be proud of your accomplishment.

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