For international students coming to New Zealand’s shores has a lot to offer to than it meets the eyes. The Indian students have always been attracted to study in New Zealand due to its quality education and a large number of after studies opportunities available.

Scholarships for International Students in New Zealand is offered to them with a unique blend of academic interests that fall under academic merit scores. Let us understand how these scholarships are beneficial for you through this article.

Scholarships Help Towards the Tuition Fees
New Zealand offers courses for various fields like technology, science, medicine, applied science and humanities as well as environmental sciences. Universities in New Zealand rank top among the world ranking universities that attract international students from various countries. The cost of higher education is comparatively very high for international students. And scholarships are truly beneficial when it comes to paying the tuition fees. Certain scholarships offer full tuition fees or partial, other living expenses for accommodation, stationery and travel, as well as funds for research. It depends on what the scholarship covers as per the funding policies.

Research and Development Subjects
For students with interests in research and development - doctoral studies i.e. PhDs need a lot of research, which need funds. Scholarships are definitely a boon for doctoral students. For subjects like health, space, science, marine technology and others require funds for research and development to study in New Zealand.

Fetch Alignments and Encourage Students
There are benefits of providing scholarships that help to fetch various research alignments for the university as well as the nation, while encouraging such bright students with extra ordinary interests and skilled knowledge. Secondly, scholarships also encourage the student to perform better on the whole as it allows the student to focus on studies than paying the heavy tuition fees.

Scholarships offered by the Government
The major scholarship funding bodies are the government and the respective universities for the students. Government shares funds towards the tertiary education for its local as well as international students. Scholarships like New Zealand Commonwealth Scholarships, New Zealand Excellence Awards, Fulbright New Zealand US Graduate Awards, New Zealand Foreign Affairs and Trade Scholarships and others offer full or partial tuition fees, living expenses, air travel fare and more based on their specific funding policies. These scholarships are applicable to all universities in New Zealand. It’s just a matter of understanding how to get admission in New Zealand and apply for Scholarships.

University Scholarships
Universities themselves offers scholarships that fund the entire tuition fees or partial fees. There are specific yearly scholarships that are progress based for the students while they are studying. The criteria on which the scholarships are given are merit scores as well as other extracurricular areas like sports or music that have got the student and the university a bigger image.
Students looking forward to study in New Zealand can apply for admissions to universities. If students want specific courses according to their courses, they can always get in touch with study abroad consultants in India for more options, proper course details and any scholarships that they are eligible.

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