Ever wonder how you can build a profitable business online?

Building your own website is a terrific way to earn money online if you know and understand how to do it properly. For most people it is a guessing game and failure is imminent.

It leaves people wondering how did those successful entrepreneurs do it?

The answer to their question is Niche Websites!

By using a keyword search tool you can select the most profitable niche which is neither too broad (too hard to compete in) nor too narrow (not enough global interest to be profitable)

Once you have developed your site concept you use the same tool to develop a list of keywords that have reasonable demand, low supply and high potential for profitability.

After careful research for the best keywords to promote your site you systematically build your content pages using a blueprint which you develop in the early stages of creating your website.

The keywords you will have carefully picked will ensure that you will be competitive and over time you will start to see excellent rankings for these pages.

Choose a niche that you have a strong interest and passion for, and this will shine through in your content pages pleasing your human visitors and will be a tasty treat for the search engine spiders too!

Always provide quality information for your visitors and never focus on sales. Pre-selling is what you want to focus on not pushy sales pitches.

If you have satisfied your visitors appetite for knowledge you will find that they are more apt to follow your recommendations for your products and services.

By providing quality information you also start to build trust with your new visitors and lets face it people are going to be more inclined to buy from someone that they are familiar with and see as an expert in your niche.

As your rankings increase you will see an ever growing amount of targeted free traffic to your website.

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