Breakups and divorces may happen for a numerous number of reasons, but the main reason for these broken up relations not being able to coming back together is the mistakes made by the partners.

When someone breaks up, almost everyone is ready to give them free advice. The problem with this is, mostly the advice that is provided, is counterproductive. Below you can read about a few wrong strategies that people opt to apply to try and get back their ex.

The first major mistake committed by people who have recently broken up is that they just readily accept their condition. People without considering the outcome of their decision, without giving second thoughts just decide that it's best for them to breakup. The negative effects of doing this is that later sometimes they realize that they have still not been able to move on. When this realization comes in mostly people end up in depression and this despair may lead to many tragedies. It's better to give yourself and your partner some space and time.

People start developing negative emotions towards their ex partners. This is the worst mistake that one can make. Negative emotions develop unnecessary hatred towards your ex. This hatred would be completely irrelevant of the reality. People start blaming their ex partners for things which they were not actually at fault. It's better to leave such emotions and try a positive attitude.

Cutting off any kind of communication with the ex partner is one of the major misguided strategy that people opt. Mostly people take this strategy in a wrong way. The actual strategy is to keep limited but required contact with the ex partner. Harassing your ex with frequent calls or emails would be absolutely wrong. On the other hand breaking off all contacts will also negatively affect things as the ex partner may be literally convinced that the person wants to move out of the relation totally.

Deciding to meet up to sort out things can be a good as well as bad strategy. It totally depends on how your mindset is. If you are planning to meet to spill out your harsh emotions, then not meeting would be a better option. Rather, meeting to listen out each other while keeping a calm and cool mind would be the way to go.

These are just some of the unwise strategies that are applied by people to get their ex back fast.

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