Today there are so many tips on how to flirt, attract or engage a partner when the real trick is knowing HOW NOT TO ATTRACT THE WRONG PARTNER. Here are some ideas on what NOT to look for in a partner. These types are usually not in it for the long haul but look really good at first glance.

#1 Funny Man

Humor is seductive. If you like it and understand it, humor is a quick pick-up anywhere. But, under the humor often lies a cesspool of very unfunny feelings. Many of these characters had to be "on" as children to please or comfort family members so frequently their humor is just a way to get love and attention.

#2 Sad, Lonely and depressed
Believe it or not, for some, this tpe can be quite engaging; albeit negatively. You may be taken in through their need for you to understand and make it better. If you enjoy taking care of others, this person will seem like a good project. That is, of course, until they drain the living daylights out of you. Then, you might wonder what's in this for me?

#3 Macho and Competent
These overachievers stand out in a crowd and know how to make money and reservations. They look ultra confident and seem like they know how to take care of you, But, their slick sophistication often covers a blanket of insecurity and feelings of inadequacy. They'll wine and fine-dine you but often can't give much emotionally. Also watch out for their anger at others. Soon, it may be you.

#4 Super Sweet
These people know what you want how to give it to you but don't really know themselves. So, if you are into being taken care of, rescued and pampered, this is your match. But if you want a real person who has their own needs, likes and dislikes, you might not find much there.

Smarty Pants

This person can explain the meaning of the universe but hasn't a clue about you. You might find their ideas intriguing but they don't relate as well to people. Frequently, these individuals have been prized for their head and not their heart so good luck getting in there.

Author's Bio: 

Nancy Simon is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker with over 21 years experience working with singles and couples to transform their relationships with themselves and others. She graduated from the University of Chicago in 1990 and later went on for more alternative clinical training at the Wellness Institute in Seattle. Currently she is working towards her certificate in Art Therapy at Northwestern University. Nancy is passionate about healing relationships and works particularly well with singles and couples who feel stuck. Her office is located at 1740 Ridge Avenue #101 in Evanston, Illinois. To make an appointment, please call 847.491.1111or e.mail her at