Do you always sleep at class? does that makes you embarrassed among your friends? do sleeping at class brings you troubles with tutors and doctors? So why do you sleep at class?

There are several reasons why you sleep at class.

  • First: You are bored from the class: this reason is limited by the amount of interest you feel towards the class, you may not be interested at all in the class, but it is not your choice to choose which class to attend and which not to attend, in this case you may sleep in the class, and to avoid sleeping in this class, never eat before this class because eating makes you sleepy as the blood in your brain goes directly to your stomach which will decrease your alertness towards this class, also you can ask more questions in this class to ignite interest in your mind towards this class, because a recent study showed that not understanding something or subject may decrease alertness and cause sleeping, so asking questions shows interest and precipitate interest in ones mind.
  • Second: You don't like the teacher or the doctor: this is another reason why you may sleep at class, and this may conflict with you because it may make you hate the teacher even more when you find him/her shouting on you because of lack in your concentration in class, in this case you should open a communication channel between you and tutor or the doctor by going to him/her in his/her office hours and sit with him discussing some of your understanding problems by asking him the questions that you didn't find answers for it during the class this way you will like the tutor much more which will make you not to sleep in his class.
  • Third: You haven't had enough sleep the night before: and this is an obvious reason why you may sleep at class, and sure to get over it you should take your time sleeping from 7 to 8 hours sleeping, and the thing that should be mentioned here that drinking so much coffee may cause you not to be alerted but stress on your nerves which may exhaust you after all.
  • Fourth: You are somehow spoiled: maybe you know that the teacher knows your parents because they work at the school or because they have known each others in a parents meeting, so you know that the teacher may not make you any harm if you sleep in her class, this is what i mean by being spoiled not any other meaning, so to get over it you won't change your parents, nor you will change your teacher but instead you will change your self and that's the first thing we are talking about in here, how to change yourself, so here you will convince yourself that your parents work is not something to blame your sleeping in class with, but it is a reason to be more alerted in class, and it is a reason also to show others that not because your parents know the teacher so that will make it a reason to sleep at class.

You should always know that the first part of the day is the most part where your energy is in its peak, because you have had a good breakfast, slept well and your hygiene is well too, so it is the best time to take care of your class and your studies, wish you all the best.

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