Many law of attraction fans are surprised to learn how easy it is NOT to succeed in life, to struggle and experience challenges. They act shocked when their desires don't instantly manifest. But when you learn a little about how this idea of attraction works, you will see clearly that it is just as easy to attract mediocrity and failure, as it is to attract success and happiness.

There is really no difference!

It is simply a matter of where you choose to place your attention. If you choose thoughts and actions that move you closer to your desires... you will move closer to your desires. On the other hand, if you choose thoughts and actions that move you away from your desires... you will move away from your desires.

So, with that in mind, I wrote a short little list for those of you who are tired of struggling to reach your desires and are ready to crawl back into the warmth and safety of your comfort zone.

That's right, the following ten tips are guaranteed to help you keep success away, and every single tip has been recommended by leading experts in the fields of failure and disappointment.

10 Ways to Make Certain Your Life Does NOT Get Better

10. Buy self-improvement books... but don't ever read them.

9. Read self-improvement books... but don't implement any of the ideas you learn.

8. Talk about changing your life... a lot... but don't ever make any real changes.

7. Spend countless hours writing powerful sounding affirmations... but don't ever use them.

6. Use phrases like, "I wish...", or "Someday...",

5 Procrastinate. A lot.

4. Be jealous and/or suspicious of everyone else's good fortune.

3. Hang out with other people who share your desire to NOT be successful.

2. Learn to quit. Then do it often. Especially when it gets tough.

and finally...

1. Learn to use the ultimate power phrase, guaranteed to keep success out of your life..."I CAN'T!"

Take these ten tips and embrace them, and I promise you that you will soon find yourself right back where you started, back before you ever heard of those nasty words, "Law of Attraction". In no time at all you will be back in your comfort zone, where your dreams are just that... just dreams!


You could choose to do the exact opposite of each of these ten ideas and actually begin achieving your goals and dreams. You could actually begin making positive, empowering changes in your life.

The choice is yours.

The laws of attraction are always at work, and you are always moving toward those things that you choose to focus on. So whichever direction you aim your focus in, that is the direction you will ultimately move in.

This is the power of your manifesting ability, you get to decide which direction to move in. Will you choose to remain in your old familiar comfort zone?

Or will you venture out onto the new, and sometimes unknown road to success?

Aim for your dreams...and you WILL achieve them.

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