One of the most intoxicating experiences is when you get a Nuru massage. How many of you love getting pampered by hands, fingers and elbows of a masseur? If you think the world has started weighing down on you, get a Nuru massage straight away and feel the pleasure of someone touching your body and manipulating those muscles within so that you feel relaxed. Heightening sensation, the massage therapy has been known since ages to bring about overall wellness which we crave for. 

More about Nuru Massage

Nuru massage is all about rendering an exhilarating feel through extremely satisfying massage techniques. The healing technique has its origin in Japan. What is most special about Nuru massage is its typical way of arousing erotic sensation in humans. The therapy focuses on fantastic sexually pleasing outcomes through erotic activities where the masseuse and the client are both covered in gel and the latter uses their body to massage their client by means of too intimate physical contact. The intense senses are invigorating and extremely satisfying. 

The name Nuru massage has been coined after the use of this special gel called “Nuru” which is created from sea weed extracts. The seaweed used for making the gel is known as Nori and is mainly found around the coastal regions of Japan. Furthermore, Nori extracts are mixed with various other ingredients like grapefruit and aloe vera extracts. 

Benefits of Nuru massage therapy

Let us now learn why Nuru massage is considered to be one of the most effective touch therapies applied on mankind for overall wellness

Relieving stress

Imagine how much stress we go through in our daily lives. Such tension and anxiety only build up with each passing day making us unwell. As stress gets trapped in our muscles our overall wellness declines. That’s when we need a therapeutic Japanese Nuru Massage in London. The massaging technique invokes pleasurable sensations and relieves stress at the same time. Under the Nuru massage therapy the masseuse will use their body to evoke sexual feeling, allowing the body muscles to relax. As a result of such treatment stress makes its way out of our cells. 

Relaxing muscles

Like we have said Nuru massage is extremely relaxing. If you have sore muscles, go ahead seek Best Nuru Massage in London. The professional allotted to serve you with massage therapy will use techniques that will make you feel refreshed and energised. For a revitalising effect relish this intensely rewarding massage therapy. 

Skin feels soft

The Nuru gel used during the massage has moisturising effect on the body. The tasteless and odourless gel is transparent and doesn’t stain. Since the Nuru gel is created from botanical extracts it’s likely to leave your skin suppler than ever. Your skin is completely fed with antioxidants of the Nuru gel. 

These apart the famous Nuru massage is applied professionally to release toxic build-ups in our body. With appropriate techniques they give the best results. Before seeking the massage treatment make sure you have replenished your body with enough water so that the toxins are flushed out of your system. 

Furthermore Nuru massage allows you to relish sexuality. The massage evokes erotic sensations leaving you extremely satisfied.

Author's Bio: 

The author runs a Japanese Nuru Massage parlour in London. In recent times the author has been sharing fantastic details regarding the massage therapy.