Infertility affects nearly about 10 to 14 percent of people in India. The infertility specialists in Hyderabad working in the Motherhood fertility centre, a famous fertility Clinic in Hyderabad investigate and noted that while couples can’t control all the possible causes of infertility, but they can control their eating habits, because nutrition and a healthy body of both the partners provide a great impact on the capability to conceive.

Throughout the infertility treatments, that may be stimulated IUI treatment or in vitro fertilization hormone treatment in the IVF fertility centre, our infertility specialists in Hyderabad take care of the nutrition of the patient, which impact their fertility power in a great way. Therefore, Motherhood fertility centre is now becoming the best fertility center in Hyderabad and provides the best Infertility Treatment in Hyderabad.
Women and Fertility
To prepare for pregnancy and enhance the fertility capability, maintain a healthy weight and select only healthy foods that will create a safe as well as the supportive home for your baby's nine-month stay.
Men and Fertility
Likewise women, men also should try to maintain healthy body weight and should follow a balanced eating plan, since male obesity can alter testosterone and other hormone levels. In addition to that, low sperm count and poor sperm motility are a very common problem in case of overweight and obese men. To maintain a healthy weight and fit body, load up on fruits and vegetables those are rich in vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants.
Find Your Healthy Weight
To increase the chance of getting pregnant, it is important to achieve and maintain a healthy weight. From several researches, the infertility specialist in Hyderabad find out that nearly 30% of infertility cases are because of overweight. On the other hand, the women who are underweight having a body mass index below 18.5 may experience irregular menstrual cycles or stop ovulation. The women who are regularly participating in the high-intensity exercises like dancing, gymnastics or follow a restricted diet plan also have a high risk of infertility.
Choose Iron-Rich Foods
The diet, which is rich in iron, comes from vegetables and supplements may lower the risk of ovulatory infertility. From several studies, it is also noted that ovulatory infertility is only one cause of infertility and affects nearly 25 percent of infertile couples.
The patients in the Fertility Center in Hyderabad are often vegetarian, they should include iron-rich food that includes all types of beans, eggs, lentils, spinach, fortified cereals and also long-grain enriched rice and whole grains. Furthermore, you should add vitamin C from citrus fruits, bell peppers or berries to your meals to enhance iron absorption.
The "Fertility Diet"
Women following the "fertility diet" should choose:
• Include less trans fat and more monounsaturated fat (from foods like avocados and olive oil)
• Prefer less animal protein and more vegetable protein
• Give more importance to high-fiber, low-glycemic carbohydrate-rich foods (including whole grains)
• More vegetarian sources of iron and fewer meat sources
• Multivitamins
• High-fat dairy instead of low-fat dairy
The infertility specialist in Hyderabad also advises to eat more vegetables, healthy monounsaturated fats in the place of saturated and trans fat, and getting enough calcium-rich foods — including dairy, which help you meet nutrient requirements and promote a healthy weight.

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