For some people, oral health seems to be the least of their priorities. However, getting regular checkups can be prevent a whole range of oral health problems, including health issues cause by poor oral health. Generally, it is recommended that you visit your dentist at least once a year. However, this can vary depending on several factors like your age, general health and if you have existing dental health conditions.

First Dental Visit
The first visit to the dentist should be after the appearance of the first tooth. In this visit, the dentist will give their first fluoride treatment and ensure that there are no problems. Good oral hygiene practices will also be discussed, along with any issues like thumb sucking or teething. From here, the dentist will then schedule regular appointments depending on the child’s dental health.

Scheduled Dental Checkups
If there are any oral health concerns or dental issues, the dentist can schedule regular appointments so they can continually assess the condition. They can also do this is a dental issue requires a series of treatments. This can mean a visit or checkup every few weeks or months instead of the regular one-year appointments.

Six-Month Checkups
If the dentist does not give any special appointments for the child, then the recommended six-month visits should be followed. This prevents tooth decay and other problems from developing. Remember that cavities and gum disease can affect adult teeth in the future.
Individuals aged 40 years and older should also start to visit their dentist more frequently. Teeth can start to present problems due to wear and tear, and poor oral hygiene.

Annual Dental Visits
Many adults only visit the dentist when they have a toothache or a broken tooth, but visits should be done at least once a year, regardless if there are any oral issues. These visits can diagnose existing problems and detect problems that can arise in the future. Such visits can also give preventive care and other measures to avoid dental problems. Even when you think your teeth are fine, you should still take the time to visit your dentist.

Two-Year Dental Visits
The average person visits the dentist every two and a half years, which is far from the recommended time frame between visits. Even when you have optimal oral health, it is still not advisable that you visit your dentist only once every two years. Several dental issues can arise in this span of time that could have been easily prevented if you had only seen the dentist earlier for a checkup.

Unscheduled Dental Visits
Generally, unscheduled visits should only happen during unforeseen events like mouth injuries or cracked tooth. Regular dentist visits should prevent most oral health issues from unexpectedly arising. But if you experience pain, dry mouth, bad breath, bleeding gums or any other discomfort, make an appointment to see your dentist immediately. The sooner these issues are treated, the less likely it will require serious dental procedures.

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